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I have picked my cuticles for most of my life (after I stopped biting my nails when I was about seven) and am once again working on healing them. I use lots of lotion and am much more conscious of it when it happens in the moment to stop it. I know when I polish my nails, I stay away from my cuticles (I used to get my nails done and was really good about not picking; now I cannot afford it).

I am wondering what product keeps polish on?? Is there really one that works??

I'm going to try the Lysine, too, as recommended below for strong nails.

Happy hands, nails and cuticles are on the way....

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expensive polish stays on longer than cheaper stuff. but what really works for me is when i put a coat of clear on every few days after a manicure.

i also use gloves for washing dishes and doing housework.
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