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Default Hand/Body Lotion Recommendations

Any hand and body lotion recommendations? Preferably drugstore. Thanks!
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Are you looking for any particular qualities or functions?

I'm picky about scents, so for body lotion, I like the Vaseline one in the white bottle/blue lid. I think it's Intensive Rescue, and it doesn't really smell at all. Not really thick, but seems to work ok. I do like some scents, but not very many (Origins Cocoa body butter is my favorite, but it's not drugstore).

For hand lotion, I like the Sally Hansen in the orange tube. Smells slightly orangey and isn't very greasy. My favorite hand lotions are the ones by philosophy, but that's not drugstore (unless you count drugstore.com).
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I'm a big fan of the Hempz brand. I first purchased it at a tanning salon. It is pretty pricey, but WM has a knockoff brand now. They've got the normal one which I think has like a grape snowcone smell. They have an orange truffle, cherry almond and a bronzer one, too. It's like $5 for 32 oz or thereabouts. It's a dream, keeps me moisturized all day and even into 2 days afterward. When I hop in the shower the next time, I can fill it be a little slick from the water, meaning it kept the moisture locked in that whole time.

I don't remember if it has cones in it and don't know if you care so much about them in moisturizers. I love that they don't have mineral oil in them.
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You might want to consider what kind of ingredients you're looking for. Glycerin and aloe vera are humectants--they attract water. Vaseline, mineral oil, petrolatum, silicones, and beeswax keep moisture in, but they don't actually add moisture. Ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil generally lubricate the area. A good moisturizer should contain ingredients from each group, IMO, unless you're looking for a very light one.
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aveeno lotions. i love them and they don't make me break out! the daily moisturizer is unscented.
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I posted my request in the over 40 section as well. So, I'm looking for something for "mature" skin. I have some Eucerin Calming lotion, but even though it's supposed to be unscented, it seems to have a scent I don't care for. Also, it doesn't seem to be as moisturizing as it should be for its reputation. I have a couple of lotions from Bath and Body Works, but those aren't that great either and very perfumey. So, basically, I'm looking for a lotion that is reasonably priced, goes on smoothly, lasts awhile, has SPF 15, and isn't too perfumey, for slightly sun damaged skin. (Is that so much to ask of a lotion? )

Thanks for all your help!

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Yea.. Eucerin always had a "medicated" smell to me and it seems like it's just a bunch of hype. Have you tried Lubriderm? The smell reminds me of the lotion Vaseline used to make when I was a kid and I used to eat that lotion, so that must mean it was good!

I am a lotion fanatic so I'm always slathering it on throughout the day because having dry skin or tight skin bugs me.

Right now though, I'm a poor college student so I use Suave Cocoa Butter and just apply a sunscreen on over it. I'm too poor to afford the 2-in-1's. The lotion's pretty moisturizing despite being so cheap and I've been using Coppertone for as long as I can remember...
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I've been using the Walmart (Equate) knock off of Aveeno and I really love it. It's not greasy and this will be the first time I re-purchase a lotion!

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aveeno skin relief moisturizing lotion with menthol

I love this stuff..my skin gets itchy during winter and this helps a lot. my sister used to swear by it and I didn't believe her until I started using it. this is the only lotion that has actually changed the texture of my skin.
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