Nail polish color

What's your favorite nail polish color to use on your toes?

I can't seem to find anything I like. I like the color in the bottle in the store but once I get it home I reallllllly don't like how it looks on my feet.

I'd like something fun and funky not old ladyish which is what I keep buying. I keep looking down and seeing my grandmothers feet . It's OK for her but not for me! I did try a purple but my feet looked like cadaver feet! Eeeek.

What's on your toes? Do you have photos you can share?
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Medium/high porosity; color treated; medium density; medium; 2c/3a; shoulder length.
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OPI Canadian Maple Leaf most of the time, though in the summer i use Teal the Cows Come Home!

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I second Teal the Cows Come Home! It's so pretty and summery. I also like Goin' Ape-Ricotti (also by OPI). It's really sparkly.
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My favorite are dark pinks. I do also wear blues.

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