I just found this site and hope to learn a few tricks to not be frustrated with my ringlets.


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hello everyone,
Im new to naturallycurly and i'm completely new to the idea of becoming natural. Im very nervous about being able to control my natural hair and still feel stylish..lol i'm 32 i've been transitioning for about
51/2 months. i've no idea what my texture is i see little cork screws and i see bushy .
I'm excited to discover my hair and hear all the wonderful ideas and products available. I will post pics as i move along.. thanks!
Hi to all, Im new to this board Ive been following it for a while and finally decided to join. Ive been natural for almost 3yrs, but I wasnt taking care of my hair I would just wear a wig and neglect my own hair that it got matted and just locked up so I bc in July of 09' so its been 7 months. I just shaved all of my hair off. Now Im in my TWA stage and it gets a little fussy at times. I will never go back to relaxers, and this forum is such a great place to be esspecially when it come to what products to try and just for that Natural Hair living support lol!! Im happy to be a part of this Natural Hair community....

Last Relaxer: Feb.2006
1st BC: March 2007
2nd BC: July 2009
Type Hair:4a-b,(mostly 4b)
Products using: SheaButter,Coconut Oil,EVOO, KBB: (hair milk, hair butter, hair cream,LLHM), Claudie's sulphur elixir,Neutrogena triple moisture cond. &shampoo,HelloHydration,Infusium23,GarnierFruct is leave-in,
Products Researching: Darcy Botanicals, SweetNature by Eddie, BeeMine, OyinHandmade, AfroVeda
4bCurlyGirl Blog

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Hello everybody
I am Jaenelle of 15 years. After visiting blogs like curlynikky, tightlycurly, DPrincess28, etc., I have been inspired to stop relaxing my hair once and for all. I've always loved the curls in my regrowth, but it was hard to comb! Then I realised from said blogs that it was normal, and that I should stop trying to comb it - lol
I am 4 months in now, and I hope to have long curly hair like all of you beauties on here
Thank you and good luck <3
Hey y'all, I'm Ashley. 16. I've looked around on this site quite a few times, so I decided to join in and start chattin' away
I have 3a hair, sometimes 2b hair, and I straighten it pretty often, but I've started to embrace my curls. Still in the learning process
new to curly girl...

i've fought my curls my whole life, and have chemically relaxed and/or blown out my hair for over a decade - I'm a new mom and decided i don't have time/energy to fuss with my hair like that anymore.

So I'm going curly... little did I know that was more high maintenance than the blowing out every few days! I used lots of heat tools on my hair so it's damaged - badly... though I've always been good at using conditioner to 'wash' my hair, as a little girl i never liked how shampoo made my hair feel. my curls have loosened a lot, and range from 3a to 3c and are mid-back length. they are in desperate need of conditioning - spent last week with loads of coconut oil, hair milk, and ouidad deep treatment (all at different times not together!) in my hair. not liking the giant red poof ball, and hoping things settle down sooner than later!

that's me... bonzo the clown for now... hoping to turn the clown-do into cascading curls.

seriously considering henna/alma/cassia products to weigh my hair down a bit and smooth things out.
curly type 3 (a b & c!!!)
m iii
CG as of 02/10
No-pooing for years (always left my hair dry)
Cond: AOHR + Honey Rinse
DT: Coconut Oil!!! - LOVE THE STUFF!
Styling: aiming for none, but DevaCurl SIF, HETT, and/or AVG (and more often than my hair would like baby drool and finger styling with baby food - at least it's fresh and organic!)
Testing: Henna/Cassia + Amla (just ordered it, will try asap!)
Good evening (or good morning/good afternoon, depending on when you read this).

My name is Emma. I am 23 and live in Liverpool, England. I have type 3a.3b hair, which is just above shoulder length. I have posted a separate thread with a full intro and photos of my hair growing out from pixie-cut length, I tend to ramble.

I hope to have a chance to interact with you lovely, friendly people soon enough. Best wishes.
hello..i am new here..i have been natural for over 5 yrs but i never did the big chop and i'm not really sure yet..ive been doing blowouts and braids since transitioning..i havent done braids in almost 3yrs and i'm looking for styles for this summer so that my hair can stay away from the heat. im always aafraid to try new styles with my real natural hair cuz im not really a hair person and im used to blowouts..any suggestions and tips would be great! thanks! i will post pics of curly styles ive tried before..
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How do I delete a thread?

I recently posted a thread that is not that much of a major contribution to a discussion.

No one has responded yet
I have not had a relaxer since Sept. 2006 and now I would like to wear my hair in its natural texture(4a). The problem is I don't know what I'm doing and when I visit different salons they don't know what to do either. Then after a few minutes of going round and round I end up with a press and curl due to the fact that I don't trust them to do anything else . Please I need help! What should my next move be?
Still trying to figure out the site, although I have been reading up a lot on people's tips for hair care. I've been CG for about 3 years now, with some occasional lapses but I have embraced my curls after years of bad hair cuts and wind blown looks (not in a good way. lol). I think I'm a 3b, it's the closest I can see to my hair type. But I don't have much of it. Hoping to get some tips on how to have great curls WITH volume. Glad to be here.
I've read so much and can't seem to keep track so I was hoping someone could clarify for me.
Are all clarifying shampoos ok to use (or do some have/need surfactants)? How often do do I use a clarifying shampoo?
If I co-wash, does the conditioner have surfactants? what kind of conditioner should I be using?
Can I use a sulfate free shampoo everytime I wash?
What about the styling products? What should they or shouldn't they have?
Is there such a thing as a curl enhancer for a wavy?
Thanks to any advice you can offer.
I'm desperate to get started.
have to play with it a little over the weekend and see what I can do to make my hair look a little different. (Bangs pulled back only looks cute for a little while..)
I was born in NY but now live in Florida? I know.) and it feels so bulky when it is down and I always wind up putting it in a pony tail by the end of the day. Does anyone have any suggestions?
i hope that's possible. i live about 15 miles north of center city but i am willing to travel a little.
I hate it short so I have been growing it out for the past year. My hair gets so frizzy (did I mention I was born in NY but now live in Florida? I know.) and it feels so bulky when it is down and I always wind up putting it in a pony tail by the end of the day.
Hi, this is my first time here. I am in my 30's and have just qualifed as a nurse. As part of work I have to wear my hair up and this is where I lack insprirations!
My hair is layed and a little longer than shoulder lenght. As it has got longer the curls are dropping and at times looks like rat tails!!
How do you delete a post?

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