Hi-- I'm Karen (username "Jaimini"), originally from the Bronx, NY, then Jersey, and now, Raleigh, NC. I'm learning all sorts of neat things to do with my hair, and I love hearing about what others are doing. I'm looking forward to some great "conversations" on what to do with curly and coily locks.
I'm a hair nutritionist at heart. Won't be long now...

Welcome Jaimini :P
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
Originally Posted by Poodlehead

I'm new to this site, I stumbled across it looking for some new hairstyles for curly hair and curly hair tips. So far it looks pretty awesome! I can't wait to really get into it and actually USE it! I never would have imagined they had something like this for people with curly hair! It's awesome! I'm a 21 year old student working on my degree as a graphic design artist/professional photographer. I love having fun and I love my crazy hair (except the frizz!)
Thanks i was searching for this page for quite a long time thanks for posting it!
Thank you Gretchen! That FAQ was just what I needed to answer some questions for me.
Hi, My name is Tara..I am from Canada and a mother to 4 girls. So far my 2 oldest girls have curly?wavy?hair..my 3rd I think will be straight and 4th is only 8 weeks old and doesn't have enough to tell. So, My oldest..Ashley is 9 almost 10 and her hair is horrible. It always seems so frizzy so I am constantly putting it up in an elastic. I wish we could get it to curl beautifully, but I really don't have a lot of time to be spending on hair...maybe you guys can help.
Amber is my 2nd child...she has beautiful curls...not much hair yet though...she will be 3 in may. Her hair looks better if after I wash it I don't brush it...It seems to half straighten..half frizz ..half curl if I do...but it is easy to not brush it as it is to short to tangle.
Anyways that is who we are.
Nice to meet everybody here.
Welcome Tara
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
Hi! My name is Angela. I am new to Curl talk but have loved NC.com for a long time. sulfate and cone free for 4 years- I dropped out of college after three years when I read the CG book! Now I am a stylist (almost 3 years) and been to the 1st curl class at Devachan and hoping to go back soon and learn lots more! My own curly hair motivated me to help others with theirs.
Hi I'm Lisa,
I' a married mother of two girls Geneva 11yrs old (2a maybe her hair is really long) and Arithena 2years old (3c).
My husband also has curly hair although you would NEVER know because he blows it straight.
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i am from Estonia and i have long waivy hair...used to have curly hair. I am very happy to found out about this site it is very good and useful
Welcome everyone
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
Hi! My name is De. I'm a 40 year old Military wife with 2 adult children. I have very short hair, but decided to grow it out again after 5 years. I'm a 3A when my curls start to appear. After a life threatening illness (5 years ago) I developed gray hair quickly. I was fighting it, then decided to go gray (no color for 4 months), but now I just use a semi perm hair color that breaks up the white/silver/gray and keeps my hair shiny. I am searching for a sulfate free fragrance free shampoo. I also would like a good fragrance free conditioner or rinse. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Hi All! I am new to this site but I already love it! I am the mother of a girl with beautiful curly hair, but it's so fine it tangles like crazy! I'm always working towards her loving her natural hair, I have straight hair and if you knew the money I spent over the years trying to get it to hold curls you would be shocked. I finally realized that we should all love our hair the way it is.(I am still envious a little bit.)
Glad to have y'all!
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You are beautiful!
Welcome all!
The old link to the FAQ doesn't seem to be working, this one does:

3a/b low to normal porosity curls
CG method since 2006 @:-)
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rinse out CO: GVP conditioning balm
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SO pleased to have found this site! Curly girl from a curly family who lives with a curly man from a curly family, planning on having curly children! I live in the Peak District in the UK, where no one has a clue about having hair that isn't poker staright and smooth.
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I just joined this week, and I can say the people here are really nice and helpful. I hope you all find what you need. I'm happy to answer any product or styling questions I can from my years of playing with (and shelling out $ for) my 2b/botticelli curls.

Welcome! Glad to have you.

Jennifer in NE Ohio
DeMarie - Check out he Jessicurl line. They have sulfate free, fragrance free products. jessicurl.com
As the only female in my family blessed (cursed at times) with the head of very curly hair it's been a struggle to figure out what to use and omg who should cut it! So if anyone can recommend a good stylist that would be amazing. I've been driving around 2hrs to find a ouidad stylist but with gas prices what they are it just adds to the costs.

So great to have curly community! (The boys in the fam just don't get it!)
Another newbie, saying hello. My name's Chrissy, I'm 19, and I live in Chicago. I'm not quite sure what my hair type is. Somewhere between 3a and 3b, I think. Anyway, hi!

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