can anyone help me?

Alright so I have curly/wavy hair and I have been straightning it for a while now so it got to a point where my ends got extremely damaged and had to cut all of my long hair off! Pretty depressing! But now I stopped straightning it and I cannot get my curls back!Is there any way I can get my natural curls back!? Because right now I have the top flat and bottom flat! So please help! Any suggestions!?
If your hair is REALLY damaged, you may not be able to get your curls back to where they were on the damaged hair. Hopefully, with the new growth, your curls will return. The best thing you can do to try to repair some of the damage is do frequent protein and deep treatments, treat your hair with lots of TLC and stop doing things that damage it.
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Oh okay! I wouldn't say realllyyy damaged its just since I'm Latina we have really thick hair and a lot of it! So it just gets really dull and I get split end and just very dry in general so I definately think that maybe some treatments will definately work! Thank you so much!
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