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Hello Curlies!

I've just discovered this site the other day and am already on the warpath with my mane! I've always straightened my very thick, wavy hair because it can become very frizzy and poofy. If it wasn't straight, it was up somehow, but with summer coming I'm looking for ways to wear it curly without the frizz! I'm so excited to jump on the CG method.

Yesterday I used my Co-wash for the first time and tried Plopping my hair overnight and this morning woke up to defined curls! Granted...they didn't stay defined all day (i'm a teacher and on the move alot!) but I'm hoping that as I continue with the program, they will start to behave as they were made to! I'm so excited to embrace my curly red locks : )
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yay! I'm a newbie too (on day 5!)

Here's to happy healthy curls!

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