I am Egyptian and no idea what to do with my hair!

Hi, I'm new here and I finally transitions back into my natural hair. Right now my hair is dry, puffy, really frizzy, and seems to fit in the 2c/3a look. (Typical Egyptian hair) I've been searching for so long, been through so many brands and products and not a single one helped! Some would moisturize but leave it poofy and frizzy, some remove the poof but is dry and feels awful on my hair. No sure if I need to cut my hair in layers though...I need any sort of help, please and thank you!
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Ahlan ya5ti =)

I'd say try a moisturizing product/hair cream or leave in conditioner and use a styling product on top, like a gel/ mouse /wax or curl cream. Apply on wet hair (not soaking) try out combining stuff to get it moisturized and defined

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No real advice, but your hair is gorgeous!
Have you been reading on the curly girl method?
Thank you so much guys!! Ehh not really, no. I guess I should start reading about that now shukran Karima I will try this as well, hopefully it works
You will see a big difference if you use the curly girl method!!
I have read about it, but Inswim a lot and need to use shampoo to rinse out the chlorine. Is there something else I can substitute to clean my hair?
Therebare non sulfate clarifying shampoos. Also if you pre-soak your hair with water and wear a cap it'll keep from absorbing much chlorine. Was and condition well as so as you can. Are you in the US?
Oh true, I found some conditioner from herbal essenses that cleanses the hair so I might try that...no I live in Canada. I think I will start trying herbal essences conditioners because aubrey organics have failed me, did not work at all. Any suggestions on what conditioners from herbal essenses can help?
Look for coconut oil too. It is an amazing conditioner. You made need a real cowashing with coco-betaine to get it well out.
Does hot oil treatment do good for my hair?
Yes it would probably, but only if you use unrefined pure oils. Especially avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil are really good
Okay, thank you I will also try hot oil treatments every week..but what I have now with the CG method is already working fantastically!! Thank you chupie fir all the advice, it was really helpful. I feel really dumb for not finding this myself but thank you all so much!
Don't feel dumb!!!! If everyone knew about it there would be no need for forums! Heck you are lucky if you find a hairdresser who knows about it. And it's their profession! Glad it is helping!

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