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My name is Amanda, I am nineteen years old, and I stopped relaxing my hair seven months ago (before that, I'd been relaxing my hair since age five! WOAH) I didn't make the decision to go natural until May though, which is when my big chop occurred. I still have some straight bits though, but they'll be cut when the hair framing my face is long enough. I'm fairly certain that my hair type is 3B, and while I struggle with the remaining straight hair, scrunching helps me make my hair as big as my personality.

Nice to meet you all!

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That's awesome! Glad you made the decision to embrace your curls :-)
Thick mid-length 4a hair
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Hey there Amanda..welcome to the forum..i am a newbie out here too..but seriously enjoying the discussions up here..so have a great time and make your stay a pleasant one out here on this forum..

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