A NC member at last! Thankful!

Hi all
I'm from South Africa and have been lurking around this site for about a year and only registered yesterday, at last

I am grateful for all of the help I've found on this site. After being natural for about a year, its still not as easy as I thought it would be but I am definitely in a different space because I have learned to love my hair and have accepted just how tricky this can be.

More than a year ago, I had initially searched for techniques and protective styling, my hair was so broken and all I wanted to do was grow it out and keep going with the relaxers and heat styling. Finding this site, as well as many other blogs and vlogs, is what motivated me to be completely natural. So here I am.

Thanks to you all for the great help, I am so thankful that this website acts as such a great medium where support and encouragement is conveyed to those who need it most, knowing how difficult this journey is.

Hopefully as a registered member, I can now do the same.
3b/3c/4a, course texture, highly porous
Transitioned from Nov 2011 - May 2012
Big Chop: May 2012
CO-wash: Enliven Naturals Conditioner
DT: Glyco-Lemon Conditioner, Coconut Oil
ProTreat: Revlon Flex Hydrate Protein Conditioner, EVOO
Leave in: Glyco-Lemon Leave-in Conditioner
Experimenting with: Enliven Naturals Sculpting Styling Gel
PT: Twists, satin scarf for sleeping
Techniques: finger detangling, plopping with a t-shirt, wash and go, air dry - no direct heat.
Glad to have you! Welcome!!!

Always wanted to visit South Africa...
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