New to the group. Thanks for being here.

This is my second journey with natural hair. The first time I got frustrated with the rainy season and got a perm. In between heat damage, dryness and a bad experience with a stylist turning my hair green.

This journey I used sew ins to grow out most of my permed hair and trimmed as I went.(1 yr) I now have a medium fro that I am getting used to. I was blowing it out and wearing curly on weekends now I am wearing a braid out.

I am trying to find products to mach my 4C inner head and 4A outer hair.I have problem with dryness.

I am trying to do low maintenance as possible but these braid-out have to be done every two days because the suggestion of re-braiding at night does not work for me. It makes it worse. I thinking of getting two strand twist for a while to continue to leave it be BUT I want to develop my curl pattern and don't know if this will alter it as braids can change the condition of your hair.

Any suggestions...please advise.
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