Hi everyone, or should I say "Ciao a tutti!"
First of all: sorry for my english, I'm Italian.
I think my hair type is 2c (or 2b?), but until a few years ago I didn't know it was wavy-curly, I thought it was only "confused" hair type. After many years of bleaching, dyeing, (I didn't like to be naturally auburn, I wanted to be blonde ) and straightening, I banned poo-things from my hair and it started to grow longer and longer. Then I realized I am a curly girl and don't know how a curly girl behaves exactly!
I know it will be a little hard for me to have a DevaCut, but at least I do my best to follow the CG method. I'm looking for tips and a new curly awareness. I'm sure I will find both here.

The avvie's a fox. His name is Pudding, and he's too tame to be released back into the wild.
Ciao!!! And welcome. I don't know much about Italy, but I hear its gorgeous. An app that can help you is curls on the go. It will tell you what to use on any given day based on the dew points where you live. It really helps.

The best advice I can give you is to try new products in moderation. Do not let yourself become overwhelmed and feel that you need a whole bunch of products in order to best tame your naturally wavy hair. After you find out what your hair likes the best, sticking with such is truly key. As, this will allow for you to get the best results-through continuous, consistent use.

If you ard able to get a Deva cut, then that of course would be truly fine. However, it isn't a must have. There are non Deva trained styists that do know about the caring for, cutting of, and styling of naturally textured hair. You can always check with salons near you, to find a stylist that has extensive experience dealing with curly hair. And, you can always choose to book an appointment with the chosen stylist, at your earliest leisure.

I certainly do wish you all the best!
Hairtype-3b curly,semi-thick, very dry hair

Staple Haircare Lines:
Mixed Chicks
It's A 10
Hydroquench Systems
Nubian Heritage
Creme of Nature
Elasta Q
African Pride
Eden Body Works
Herbal Essence

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