Desperately need help getting my curls back!

I am ( or was) a type 3B, and have shamelessly been straightening my hair for years now.
The only time I see my true curls are when I'm
Somewhere hot abroad, like the Caribbean.

I am desperately trying to get my natural curls back after damaging my hair so much with heat. It's a complete frizz bomb anytime I try and do anything except straighten it. Leaving it to air dry used to be perfect but now I end up with frizz mess on top and a few random ugly curls underneath.

I am now trying plopping for the first time to see if this can help.

I have used oils, creams, leave in conditioners, salt spray - all sorts and nothing working. Is this it for my curls now or should I keep on trying?
I have attached a photo of what my hair should be like.
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Desperately need help getting my curls back!-image.jpg  
And this is my hair now! This is the extreme but as you can see all curls are gone and not defined and it's a dry mess!! When it's wet all my curls are there still lovely but then they dry out!
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Desperately need help getting my curls back!-image.jpg  
Welcome to the world of curls! Have you tried products with protein in them or doing a protein treatment? If conditioners aren't helping my hair often protein does the trick. Another couple things: for ends can be making sure you keep your ends looking nice with trims when needed, and doing weekly deep conditioning treatments.

What also helped me a lot was figuring out what my hair needed by figuring out my properties. So for instance, my hair is tightly curly/coily but fine textured, and low porosity. A lot of places had info about butters for low porosity hair and/or tightly curly/coily hair. Turned out butters (and oils) cause lots of dry, tangled, frizzy curls for me, lol.

All of these changes might also take time to show best results, so it helps to be patient. You can try different options like braiding, bantu knots, flat twisting (rope braiding), flexirods, etc to "make" curls in the meantime to help you along. HTH and happy hair days!

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3C/4A, fine texture, low-medium density, and low porosity?
CG since November 2013.

Pre-Poo: Coconut Oil overnight, or a greek yogurt mixture
Shampoo: Curls Cleanser and/or clarifier
Conditioner: trying out different Suave Naturals conditioners and GVP's leave-in conditioner at the moment
Styler: iagirl's super smooth flax curl cream. <3
PT: iagirl's gelatin treatment 3-4 times a month
DT: conditioner or yogurt base with honey and oil if the conditioner has none.
Try using hydrating conditioners to revive your curls. Then cut out the heat damage. Salt is a great curl booster but can dry out your hair something serious. When I used products that dried out my curls, they were frizzy and fuzzy. To keep down frizz, use gel. My hair's best friend. Deep condition weekly. I use tresemme naturals conditioner and my hair loves it.
Oils can dry out your hair too and make it hard.

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