New to this/can't stop the frizz!

Hi everyone,
My hair turned curly at puberty and since my mom and sister both have straight hair, I just fought the curl for 15 years. Now in my twenties, I've decided to embrace it and stop the straightening all together. I started this with a Deva Cut about 4 or 5 months ago. The first month or so my hair looked great! Then it started to get frizzy and I'd heard that there are better things out there than DC (also, it's too expensive for me) so I've been experimenting. I still can't stop the frizz, though! Gone are my defined curls! My hair just looks messy. Here's what I've tried:
Routine 1:
-Carol's Daughter cleansing conditioner
-DC One condition
-Ouidad gel

Routine 2:
-CD cleansing conditioner
-Treseme Naturals
-LA looks gel

Routine 3:
-Treseme Naturals for cleansing
-DC One
-LA looks gel

Routine 4:
-CD cleansing conditioner
-Generic Value Product (From Sally's) Conditioning balm
-LA looks gel

And about once every two weeks I've been shampooing with Curly Sexy Hair, which is sulfate free.

Any advice? I kind of don't know where to go from here?
Thank you!!!
Also, I use an old t shirt to dry my hair and plop, with just some diffusing to finish and I let it dry before touching it. I also use the conditioner I'm using as a leave in. Thanks!
Before we can give you really detailed advice, we need a little more info about your hair. Have you figured out your properties? The types of products that will work best depend on things like how thick or thin each strand of hair is (texture), and porosity (is it healthy or damaged, etc).

Based on your user name I'm guessing you live in Wisconsin? If so, you might want to look at and possibly revise which LA Looks gel you're using. I know the Sports Gel is pretty popular, but you might want to look into Power Spikes. Sports Gel contains a fair amount of glycerin, which could make hair feel dry in the super cold winter weather.

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