since I was last around these parts. It's so different from what I remember!

I decided to make an account this time and try to participate!

I used the no-poo method for a couple years and it worked beautifully... until I moved to a dry climate out west. I then switched to the Tightly Curly method, which worked beautifully for four years, til I moved back south.

My hair has been horrible and it's taken me four months to figure out why.

I used to know EVERYTHING about no-poo but six years is a long time. So now I'm back on the no-poo wagon. I just ordered a ton of conditioners on Amazon and I'm excited to see what's going to make my hair beeaautiful again.

My curls are fine and they range from 3A to 3C. I love my 3C curls best and dream of having a head full of them!

I'm going to go back to re-educating myself on no-poo. I want to establish a routine as soon as possible, since I'm pregnant and won't have all the time in the world for my hair quite soon!!

Hope all you wonderful curly people are have great days.