Hello!+Hair type?

Hello! I'm new to the forums part of the site! Nice to meet you everyone! I'm trying to achieve healthy hair! I'm not super interested in length(even though I'm not opposed to it ofc lol) but I more so want my hair to be healthy.

May I ask, what is my hair type though? I asked this on the q&a part of the site, but didn't get much feedback. I need some opinions. Thanks! The very front of my hair is heat damaged(I suppose) Not all of it, but the very middle front. So I'm asking about the texture of the rest.

About my hair: My hair has curl definition when wet and especially when I have conditioner/shampoo in it. But when it dries it shrinks up a lot. When dried, some of it becomes super frizzy. I know my hair is type 4, I just dunno the category.

I wanted to post pictures but I can't since I'm new here. :/

Also, I referred to the hair type page several times. I'm still confused.

Hello! Good to have you on the forum.

I think the best thing to do is to wait until you can post pictures. It's really hard to identify a curl type from words alone. I was going to suggest finding a picture online of hair that looks similar to yours, and then say to post the link, but I don't even know if you're allowed to do that yet. So you may just have to be patient for now.
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