Hello lovely people

I have finally plucked up the courage after many, many year's of viewing the wonderful posts on this site. I can't tell you how much your posts have helped me, thank you.

I have decided to join up as I am struggling with my fine low porosity curls. I am guessing I am 3b but could be totally wrong - any suggestions? I am hoping you can see a picture of my curls when wet. My issue is frizz on the outer layer in places and stringy stiff hair after applying product and air drying. I know a cast can be a good thing to hold the curl. I currently use a leave in Giovanni olive oil one and my styler is the Jessicurl Sprialicious. My curls seem to dry flat particularly at the roots which seem straight and the rest of my hair stringy and crunchy looking. I apply a really small amount of styler maybe a pea size to each side of my hair. I deep condition every week. Even with trims this does not help my roots I have longer layers. I do srunch the cast once dry-too impatient most times to wait and know I contribute to frizz but the flat look is not good. I feel too embarrassed to leave the house when my hair is drying and diffusing just causes more frizz (not nailed the technique yet). I have tried varying my technique, how I apply products and the products I use. I find applying products to damper hair as opposed to dripping wet is better as too wet it drags down my curls then causes a lot more shrinkage. I am limited to products I can use as I find glycerine (even my favourite leave in) may be causing me frizz and I am allergic to essential oils and fragrance. Since deciding to leave my curls in its natural state to air dry (I use to roller set every week and air dry took all day) I feel I can't leave the house as my curls are too flat and stringy. I know I get looks when I am out and about. I try to rock my hair with confidence but finding this challenging. There must be something wrong with my technique and products I use and welcome suggestions to avoid the limp, crunchy curls.

Sorry for the long post, I didn't realise I had so much to ask. Thanks for reading my first post.

Fine curls past shoulder length and growing well
Challenges:Frizz to outer layer of hair
Pre-poo: Coconut oil night before hair washing
Shampoo: Shea Moisture Manuka honey and manfura oil low poo
Conditioner: The Body Shop Rainforest conditioner Moisture
Deep Conditioner: The Body Shop Rainforest Deep Conditioner Moisture
Leave in conditioner: Giovanni 2Chic olive Oil Leave in
Styler: Jessicurl Spiralicious gel
Sealer: Grapeseed oil