Any Asian girls with natural curls?

Like Tree1Likes

60 posts and no pics. SMH. I'd love to see some of these beautiful curls.
Filipino with 3b curls but when i moved to texas most people think im mexican coz of my hair and they get shock when i tell them im asian..both my parents have straight hair even both my siblings -_- i use to think im cursed with curly hair..but the truth is im blessed with curly hair

Any Asian girls with natural curls?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1372116286.391317.jpgAny Asian girls with natural curls?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1372116340.991809.jpg
Half Korean, 1/4 Japanese, and 1/4 Hawaiian

Any Asian girls with natural curls?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1372123323.869518.jpg
And I am often confused for Mexican, here on the mainland, too
when Googling reviews for Devacurl and how it works on Asian Curlies.
Great to discover all these other Asian Curly Girlys! .
Let me share my story, as an older woman of 47: I went my whole life thinking I had 'bad' Asian hair, getting perms even! until I was 25 and made enough money to stop going to cheap hair salons. I met a good hair stylist who told me, "why are you brushing your hair out - it's not good to brush out wavy curly hair"...oh ok. i could barely believe her.

At that time, I had wavy in the front and sides, curly in the back top only and straight at the bottom back of my hair! It was 2A, 3B, and straight! I did a nice short cut for awhile and then grew it on the long side because the weight evened out the different textures.

Also, they don't tell you that hair CAN CHANGE textures through your life and all the hormonal changes. Finally, after the birth of my daughter, after 30% of it fell out (still very thick now, actually now maneageable) and grew back, it was pretty much all curly - loose 3A curls but 2A at the back bottom. I'm pretty happy about it now. Don't fight it and like alot of things as you get older, you work with it and love it for what it is because that's all it's ever going to be , and that aint bad!
I'm 100% Chinese. My parents are both from China.
Father is Filipino, but his dad was half Chinese, half Filipino. Mom is white. Both sides have curly/wavy hair.
Multicultural (white/Filipina) mixture of all 3 type 2 hairs - Haven't done a hair analysis yet

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