Need some help w/ CG abbreviations! :)

Ok, this might sound like a silly question but I'm new at this and I see a lot of abbreviations. I've been able to make out what some mean, but others I'm like what the heck does that mean?!?! lol

Can anyone school me on what this all means?!!?

Hey mixed_mama! Which ones in particular are confusing to you? I'd be willing to help out. I'm a newbie...but I've been lurking for a long time so many of them I know.

I'm happy to help, let me know.
Ok, rather than re-invent the wheel (and to be kind to my fingers) I brought these links back for you. These should help bunches:

Here's the FAQ's, scroll to the very bottom:
Here's a thread asking a similar question:
Definitions of Abbreviations?

If there are some you're still curious about after checking those out just ask!
There are a few that I've seen but off the top of my head what does "HG" mean???

Oh cool, I'll check these out.

Thanks a bunch!
Cool. I checked it out and got the answers I needed. Thanks for that link!
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HG=holy grail on this and lots of other boards about products, meaning your best ever, go-to product for whatever's being discussed.
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HG Method: Super Soaker + Smasters-ing, brief upside down diffusing then clips or clamps & air dry. Blend gray w/henna glosses
Cool. I checked it out and got the answers I needed. Thanks for that link!
Originally Posted by mixed_mama
No problem, glad I could help!
welcome to the community!

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