Hello Ladies!

I've become addicted to this board! I've been on the 3c/4a boards for a few days now, but wanted to intro myself and say how grateful I am for the support I've found here.

I've always been natural (no chems) but I use a pressing comb to straighten my hair. I always loved my curls, just hated the limited products that I knew about. I'm hoping to refrain from pressing my hair again - at least until December 08. I figure a short goal will work better in the beginning!

I've read the CG book, been all over the threads looking for better ways to care for my curls (and make a few friends along the way), but I still have countless questions.....so you'll see me around!
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Great to have you......I think you're smart to try for a short-term goal at the beginning. Hope all goes well, though with a pretty face like yours, you'll look good regardless.


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