newbee questions dry scalp suave coconut

i've been trying the cg method for about a week last time i shampooed was about 4 days ago (i missed the part about clarifying to get rid of the old cones)
anyway i've been having some problems. first i guess i should list what i've been useing

vo5 strawberrys and cream or suave as a co-wash

vo5 or suave (same) as a leave in (suggestions please)

2 quarter sized globs of aloe vera gell plus a couple drops of jojoba oil scrunched in before plopping

after releasing hair from the plop i scrunch in totaly twisted mouse

then diffuse, sometimes

my hair type is wavy 2a in the front and a tiney bit underneath then yes 2c in the middle and back.
so of course i suffer from flat top/puffy back.

scalp seams dry for some's usualy oily after 2 days. i've always had dandruff but considering i havnt used my selson blue it's not too bad, jojoba oil helps .i tried dabbing with acv...did nothing.
i just got dr. bronners shikaki lemongrass lime body/hair soap i'm planning to use this once a week i guess. since i don't know if i'm getting flakes from being dry or what. i used to think it was because of oil. i no longer know my hair....sigh

also i've been reading about proteins, i'm thinking of avoiding them which is hard. so i looked up the ingredients in the suave one by one and found
Cetrimonium chloride listed as a silicone? i found this "
Amodimethicone (and) Trideceth-12 (and) Cetrimonium Chloride mixture that is soluble in water in the bottle" here
under silicones

this was also listed in the Cationic surfactants

what does soluble in water in the bottle mean?
is it soluble when it exits the bottle?

i should mention i have no clue what i'm doing/reading/drenching my hair in.... in need of advice.
Today makes one week and one day of CG routine. I am keeping it very simple with products and have not had dryness. I washed my hair with Herbal Essences Degunkify shampoo the day before I started CG and then washed with California Baby shampoo the day I started CG. I have not shampooed since.

Don't forget if you do have to shampoo, make sure that you coat your hair with condish. first.
2b/slightly 2c
Growing out my hair-currently all one length....reaches just above my shoulders
Former flat iron junkie
Modified CG since 9/3/08
New regime:
California Baby Tea tree & Lavender shampoo (sulphate free shamp)when needed, Suave Tropical coconut condish, honey rinse, Biosilk Rock hard Gelee, plop, and add more gel, diffuse for more curly look and fuller results. I have to work to make my hair curly. My hair loves honey! Plopping and pineapples rule!

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