Alcohol in Conditioner??? Good or bad?!?!?!


So alcohol is bad right? That's what i've always been told. But it seems like every single Conditioner I puck up has Cetyl Alcohol in it. I bought Matrix for Curls ($25 bottle) and after about a month of using it I'm liking the way my curls are feeling and looking. Then I looked at the ingredients again and I found the alcohol. Should I keep searching for a different conditioner or is this ok?

Cetyl alcohol is okay because it's a fatty alcohol, and fatty alcohols are moisturizing and add slip/creaminess to conditioners.

Here's a list of the other fatty/okay alcohols:
Here's an article by Curly Chemist Tonya McKay about alcohols (from another website - I've seen a similar article here, but couldn't find it):

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Here's the article on our site
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I disagree, alcohol in conditioner IS bad! I stopped using conditioner about 2 years ago and I have 98% less split ends then when I used conditioner. The results were pretty much immediate as well. My hair is very thick and curly, btw.

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