i can't tell what my type is what about the blondes?

i think im 3b now.. maybe parts are 3 a.. but product just disappears right from my hair and and then it grows and grows.. so maybe 3 c.. also ouidad said that she thinks curly hair is better on dark haired girls i think so too.. but what about me im blonde! i was born this way and
Hi dana,

You can try this link to help you determine your type


I think that curly blonde hair is beautiful too. If you check the general hair discussion thread, you can see some pics of some of the blondes here sporting their pretty curls. Also, over there, if you are able to show us a hair pic, we can help you decide what type it is so that you can better choose a routine.
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Med/Coarse, porous curly.
hi there. Blonde is nice with some curlies but sometimes with blonde hair the product is so obvious because it really darkened. and has that greasy wet look sometimes. Other colors just stay that color. Then again im just learning how to do my hair i am trying to escape from my everday pony tail and wear it down i need to find a good hair dresser who can teach me. I like your red curls they r so unique

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