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Hi, everyone! I'm Lauren. I'm a PhD candidate at an Ivy League school studying virology (hence the username). I've recently switched to CG, but I have tried it before in the past and was just looking through old pics from that time and realized my hair looked really great! So now I'm giving it another shot, but with tips from all of your postings I hope to get even better results (who knew honey could be so good for your hair?). So I am here and ready to share my experience with everyone, as well as learn from your personal successes and mishaps!
2c/3a CG
HG products: AG Recoil, DevaCurl Set It Free
Welcome! How'd you find us?
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
I did a search for "curly hair" on Yahoo and found this site, and I quickly fell in love!
2c/3a CG
HG products: AG Recoil, DevaCurl Set It Free

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