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Hello everyone.
I am new to the site and new to this entire process. I am transitioning and it has been a month. I'm excited and scared all rolled up into one. I've seen numerous videos and products and it is all overwhelming. I wish I could tell you my hair type, but, I dont know
I'm super new to this forum and I'm hoping I gain new knowledge about natural hair because I am COMPLETELY LOST! Well, even that is an understatement.
its just combed to the side so its not annoying me also i forgot where i placed my glass's so yeh i wear them normally but whatever heres the pic
Hey everyone! I'm new here and this is my first time posting on the forums. I've been reading them, but I thought it was about time I introduced myself.
I'm a 2c/3a (I think), medium-coarse texture, medium-high porosity (again, I think), and I'm not quite sure about elasticity. My hair is very, very, very frizzy and tends to get really dry. I just did my last sulfate wash 2 days ago. I co-wash with Suave Naturals Green Apple (everyone seems to use the coconut one, but I'm not a fan of coconut scented hair- does the scent matter? Or is the coconut better?) and rinse out with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition. When I started, the only non-silicone product I had was Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly so I used that yesterday. But then I bought some other stuff - Proclaim Curl Activator gel and LA Looks Curl Gel (I was afraid the Sport gel would be too stiff for me). I also wanted a microfiber towel but didn't want to get one online. After a lot of searching, I finally found one at Ross. There was a flowery hair clip thing stuck on the fabric and the cashier mistakenly thought it was the price tag to the towel so I got it for $1.99. WIN! Today, I tried using the Activator gel with the LA Looks over it and I plopped for about half an hour. I'm waiting for it to dry now and see the results. I'm excited!
How do you upload pictures on here?

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Gretchen-you rock for posting these all together so us newbies can have a good place to start!
Hi, I'm new and pretty sure my hair type is between 2b/c. Over the years I've fought my waves or even permed them because I wanted more curl; now I'm trying to work with my hair, since it's gotten so damaged when I work against it. I found NC when I was googling to try and find some new products/new techniques to try and enhance or better define my waves.

For quite a while I've been using Tigi's Moisture Maniac, both shampoo and conditioner, and Kenra's Curl Defining Creme on the days I stay wavy (I usually blow out once a week). Recently I tried Tigi's Curls Rock Curl Enhancer. I use a Fructisse shine product, but none of these are giving me a good combination of definition and shine, and I feel like my hair looks a bit fried and brassy, especially on the ends. This may have something to do with the fact that I color (I do it at home with Clairol's Natural Instincts).

So I'm looking for a new routine/products that will be better for my hair and hopefully quick and easy, too. There's a lot of information here to sort through, and I know it will take me a while to figure out exactly what my hair type really is (elasticity? porosity? help!), but I'm looking forward to seeing what other wavies are using and hopefully finding something that works for me.
Hi, textured-hair friends, and welcome to!

I've compiled a list of articles I think you'll find helpful! NaturallyCurly can be overwhelming, as we have 11 years of fabulous content to share with you.

Hopefully these links will help you on your journey to wavy-, curly- or kinky-haired nirvana!
Hi, textured-hair friends, and welcome to!

I've compiled a list of articles I think you'll find helpful! NaturallyCurly can be overwhelming, as we have 11 years of fabulous content to share with you.

Hopefully these links will help you on your journey to wavy-, curly- or kinky-haired nirvana!
Thanks, but I don't see the articles.
Hello, everyone.
Thank you for sharing, I hope I can have a good start in this forum.
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My name is Stormy. I live in central California. I have never subscribed to a site, ever but I have curly hair, (type 3B-according to the site), and I have tried all sorts of products for curly hair that never seem to work. So i figured, what the heck? Maybe, I can swap info with other curlytops to see what they have tried and what works so we can all stop wasting time and money on the things that don't.
I'm so glad I did. I still have one section that has some relaxed hair from when I was wearing sew-ins but for the most part, I relaxer free!
I joined this site a few months ago and have only posted once, but have never intoduced myself. I was born with curly hair, but always hated it because I didn't know how to work with it . Growing up in the late 60/70's straight hair parted down the middle was the stye. I found this site by accident and started reading like crazy. Still somewhat confused, but getting alot of great info and trying out different producets. I love this site and thanks to whomever started it!
Hello Everybody!!!

I'm new to the website/forum. I have been natural for several years. To say that it has been an experience is an understatement. I've chopped off my hair enough times to sell wigs. Recently, I came across that hair typing thing by Oprah's stylist, and am Still unsure of what category my hair falls in. (I think it is inaccurate if you ask me, but that's another post, LOL).
My hair is very curly/wavy/kinky. It LOVES water, and when it's wet, it elongates, curls/waves up, and looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. When it dries without product, it looks like a curly, nappy little bush. I cannot wear an Afro because the hair at the nape, top of my head, and sides will fall, but the upper back of my head will kink up, LOL.
It will curl up if I use a light gel, or water based moisturizing product while my hair is wet. Sorry for going on so long....just have a lot to say....LOL
This site was recommended to me by a friend, who has gotten many comments on her hair once she began using suggestions from this site. My hair is a 3b (I think) and has never been chemically straightened. It has had a flat iron used on it all of 4 time! When I was younger my mom was not sure what to do with it so she would just brush my girls out. I am still learning what to do with it (after 30 years), but am very glad to find this site that will hopefully help!
Thanks for putting all this info together!
Hello everyone!

I am new here as well, though I have been lurking off and on for a few weeks...

I have been experimenting with my wavy hair for the last 8 years or so, but I usually straightened it - until now! It's been about 2 weeks since I've used my straightening iron on all of my hair.

I'm starting to get a little discouraged with CG already since I'm trying to go completely no-cone and no-sulfate. A lot of my HG products from before (Frizz Ease Dream Curls, for example) are probably horrible for my hair, but gave me some very nice curls. But I'm not a quitter and I'm not going to give up on CG anytime soon!

About me: I'm 26, originally from Canada but currently living in Southern California, and recently engaged.

This forum has been amazing, and I made my first purchase from CurtMart today (CurlsLikeUs towel)! Yay!

So anyway...hi!
CG Newbie! (Oct, '10)

Products I'm liking:
Suave Naturals Lavender Conditioner, Burt's Bees Pomegranate Shampoo and Conditioner,L'oreal Everstrong Hydrate Conditioner,FX Curl Booster Fixative Gel, and homemade Flaxseed gel!
Just purchased: Kinky Curly Curling Cream, DevaCurl No-Poo, and a Devafuser!
Hi all!

This is my first time posting but I've been to this site numerous times! I enjoy the site and the useful information given.

Now, a little about my hair:
I am 4a/b, I transitioned for a year, and my 1yr nappiversary is coming up in Nov!! I love my hair and all the versatility it gives me! I also have an 8yr old daughter who has never had a relaxer (hair type 4b/a) & she loves her hair too!

I'm glad to be here and I look forward to virtually meeting you all.
Hello All...
I am new to this site... I don't currently know my texture of hair. I hope this site could help me out. I thank everyone in advance for the help.

I'm transitioning. My last relaxer was August 10, 2010 (11 weeks). I think my hair type is 3c/4a/4b but not sure. Right now I'm trying styles to find out what works best. I just did my first set of two strand twist last night(I hope they last 3 weeks). They look ok, I was hoping for something different but hey I'm still fly ! LOL I welcome all advise and suggestions. Thanks!
Hiya! I'm Mimi and I'm a complete noob

I've had curls my whole life (it's kind of difficult to escape them when you're Jewish and half Middle Eastern!), and have been natural my whole life, with the insistence of my mother. When I was younger I used to hate my curly hair. I live in Asia, and kids in my class would laugh at and/or constantly play with my got annoying -.-

So, anyway. Recently, at about the age of 14 or so, I started to embrace my curls, and now I love them like no one's business!

Stumbling upon this site was a wonderful accident, and I'm extremely happy to be a part of it! Thanks!

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