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Im not really new. I've just been reading and learning! (Stalking?) I've been CG around 6 months. But I have a question....I've started using oils. (Shea and jojoba) and have found they tend to make my hair less clumpy and frizzy. Has anyone else had this problem? My hair is very dry so I'd really like to find out what I'm doing wrong.
My name's Aimee (ah-me) and my hair hates me, I'm positive. I love my curls when they're wet, but when they dry, they're frizzy and annoying. My hair points in 72 directions and is an awkward length. When straight, it's just below my shoulders, when curly it's just above.(My picture is what my hair looks like if i put a curl creme in it wet and let it air dry, and manipulate it so it doesn't hang awkwardly in my face or in an ear muff fashion).

I have a mixture of tight and loose coils (looser in the front, tighter in the back) and boy does my hair tangle! It eats bobby pins and ponytail holders are not an option so I just don't know what to do. I wore my hair natural from buzz cut until chin length, then started with the flat iron (it'll be a year in june). I use a thermal protectant but i know i'm destroying my hair. I'm a senior in high school and I don't want to deal with my current, high maintenance routine (the straightening process in ~4-5 hours, my hair is THICK and I try to be as gentle as possible-no chemicals) anymore.

I need heeeelp. This site and curlynikki are my godsend lol. I'm going to try to go curly again my spring break (one month). Sorry for chatting your ear off, just wanted to get that out there. haha xD
Hi, just joined I live in FL the land of 110% humidity and I have a question. Is it possible to have a 2c/3a hair because my hair has the traits of both?

Hi! I used to wear relaxers and over time, my hair was damaged. Last Spring, I decided to go natural. When I first saw newgrowth, which was about a 1/2 inch long, I started wearing stylish wigs. As my hair was growing underneath, I began to wonder if I should go ahead and chop off the rest of the relaxed part, which was only 2 1/2 inches long. I did chop the rest off. As of February of this year (2013), I took off the wig and started wearing my natural hair out.My hair has grown out, but only about 2 inches long in the top and the back, but on the sides, just about 1 inch long. I took the test on this site to see what my hair type is. I've noticed that I have two different types. In the top of the crown, going down to the back of my head, I'm a 4B. On the sides, adjacent to where my eyebrows down to the nearest in area close to my ears, I'm more likely a 4C? In other words, my hair is kinkier here than it is at the crown going toward the back of my head. I feel that this website would be good to learn more about the best products to use on my hair.
Hi All!

I've been natural for about 8 months now. Not new at this....back in High School (Jackson 5 days) we rocked the big afros! Happy to have found you all and I look forward to learning how to grow my hair more than I did back then.
Hi everyone,

I am new here and sort of new to the natural hair, I have been natural for almost 3 years but never really knew how to take care of my hair. I am now trying to learn the in's and out's of natural hair, my hair type and pattern as well as what works for my hair. I am in the military so wearing my hair down only happens on the weekends. I am looking forward to my journey here with you all as well as learning from all of you.
Hi i am curently a new teen and so far i have found a lot of great stuff. I've been natural for almost 8 months now and still dont know what im doing. I have ask so many people what do they use and how do they get there here so curly and there is just so manny diffent opinions and i really think NaturallyCurly is going to help.


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I have always had curly hair and as I got older, my 3a curls got harder to manage. I went through a phase where I kept my head shaved but I have decided that I want to grow my hair out for good. Since I've started growing it last summer, I have only straightened it about twice and I have colored it once but I don't plan on doing anything else to it because I want it to grow out healthy. I research healthy things I can do to my hair in my free time because I learn so many helpful things that I never knew. I also try to convince other girls I know with curly or wavy hair to embrace their natural hair and take good care of it and I check this website from time to time for different ideas. I hope to keep growing out my curly hair until it's a nice, long length.
Hello Ladies. I just wanted to introduce myself. I LOVE THIS SITE.
I use to straighten my hair all the time and I am taking a break from my flat iron for awhile.

I look forward to getting to know you other curly q's out there

HAHA.. That was supposed to day 3a at the top!
Hello Everyone! My name is Shamekia & I'm new to the site as well as natural hair. I've been 100% natural for going on two months now, after transitioning for 18 months. I absolutely love it! I love the versatility of the styles and how they can be achieved with no styling tools at all. Before transitioning, I was the blow dryer and flat iron queen! Now I'm embracing my curly hair and glad that I've made the transition. I look forward to meeting other naturals and learning about products for natural hair!
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Hello, I'm new to the forums and joined to share tips and tricks and maybe even learn some more. I'm a naturally curly head and it took some time to embrace it but now that I've come down with a routine that's completely heat free, brush free, and tool free except for my hands, I'm in love. Glad to be joining a forum with other proud curlies [=
Hello everyone!
My name is Nikki. I am 18 years old and from Massachusetts, and I just came across this site. I'm actually super excited to be apart of this and I love knowing that there are other girls out there that have curly hair like mine. Mine is crazy curly! I'm actually trying to do some research as to how to keep down the frizz in my hair. I know there will always be some frizz but on hot days and rainy days, my hair is ridiculous! I look like a lion lol! I hope to meet some new friends who share some common interests with me and who also can give me some advice for my hair! I cannot wait to start posting! Here is a picture of me and my craaaaaaazy hair! Start Here!-img_4952.jpg
Hello everyone I'm a new curly girl. My last perm was July 2011 however I have worn my hair blown out for the most part and buns. I have gotten 3 Keratin treatments as well. It's called 4ForeverSmooth, I really loved the results each time. However, after seeing a bit of damage I felt I should give my hair a break. When it's wet the front has no curl at all on the ends. I see other areas where on the ends of my hair its straight. So, I decided no more heat and to start giving my hair some extra TLC.

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Hello, My name is Erika. I've been curly my entire life. I have had 2 perms in my life one in 91 & 97. However I have extereme heat damage from blowouts every two weeks for the last 17 years. So I've sworn off blowouts for the forseeable future until I can get my mane back to beautifull. I've had 3 blowouts for special occasions in the last 11 months but I'm going to stop all together for a while. I think I have 3a/3b curls (more 3b-ish). I love my hair but I haven't been good to it in a while and it shows. Wish me luck.
Hey everyone, my name is Maria and I'm 21. I've done the "no-poo", plopping method in the past for a long while but I felt that it didn't help. So eventually I went back to my old ways - regular shampoo/conditioner, terry towels, and hair straighteners. But I really want my hair to be more natural as I'm afraid my hair is getting more and more damaged from all the straightening.
I used to dye my hair a lot but thankfully I've stopped that and now I only dye the ends of my hair, never near the scalp/roots.
Hi Everyone!

Newbie in Florida here! I decided about 2 1/2 years ago that I wanted to go natural. Well, I haven't had a perm since then, but I have to admit, being uneducated about going natural is not fun! Since then I've put texturizers in my hair and I've think I've messed up.

But here I am again, trying it once more. I've learned that I'm maybe a 4b/4c kinda girl. I have in twists now so I'm hoping my hair grows out so I can cut out the damaged/texturized hair. I have been keeping my hair moisturized and washed while I have this style in. I'm reading and looking at youtube for some help. I'm hoping to meet/talk to ladies who are in the same situation or who can at least give me guidance!

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Hello from France ! (so, please excuse my english)

I'm Charlotte, a 22 years old girl who uses natural products for hmmm maybe a year and discovered only lately the curly girl method by Lorraine Massey. (I bought her book and I received it yesterday)

I was so amazed by the method's results I decided to try it !

Unfortunately, there are too few informations about curly hair's routine in french ! So here I am. It's hard to understand everything because it's really a specific vocabulary but I hope you could help me with it. Maybe some frenchies are in this forum ? Please tell me !
New to the boards! 30-something in Seattle, WA!

I am not really sure if I'm a 2B, 2C, 3A. When my hair was healthier my curls where ringlets, but as it is pretty damaged right now i have a mixture of curls and waves. Lots of breakage, very dry.

I grew up with straight hair, and my hair started to wave in my early 20's and got progressively curlier as I've gotten older. I didnt REALIZE I was curly till around 26 (i just thought i had really frizzy hair cause i kept treating it as i did when it was straight.)

I've experimented off and on through the year with co-washing, but never stuck with it.

My hairs gotten in particularly bad shape lately from using a flat iron consistently over the past 6 months and I can't stand it any longer! I want my curls back and i want them healthy!

I've started the CM Method 2 days ago, am co-washing and rinsing with Suave Naturals Coconut and just picked up the L.A. Looks Perfect Polish AntiFrizz Gel today.

Excited to learn more about this hair adventure from all you lovely ladies!
Hello all, I have been reading the forums for awhile (stalking) and decided to join. So many interesting reads here!

My Guess at my Hair:
Mix of 2B/2C/3A
Low Porosity & Medium Density
Fine/Medium & Above Shoulder Length (growing)

CG since 5/2013

Products I love So Far:
Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut & Juicy Green Apple (Cleanse)
V05 Passion Fruit Smoothie (Cleanse)
DevalCurl One Condition (RO/LI)
DevalCurl Light Defining Gel
Kinky Curly Curling Custard
Kinky Curly Knot Today (LI)
Coconut Oil (DT)
Carol's Daughter Rosemary Mint Shampoo (Clarify)

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