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Same story here!!! I am just now learning what to do with my hair!! Except mine are not soft curls. Mine are spirals!!! I hope you start enjoying your curly hair!!!
Hi there my name is lydia and i'm just trying to embrace my curls! Right now I'm still not sure what my hair type is but I'm trying to figure it out and learn! Its nice to meet everyone
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Hello! My name's Porter.

You all are going to laugh, but I am a white boy with a wiry beard. The resources here have already helped me a lot, so thank you.

My beard's a lot better than it would be without your help, believe me, but I do have some special challenges with it. The hairtype is 4A -- however, the hair is both super-coarse and super-dense. For example, if I start with a section only about two square inches big, I'll get a tight twist as big around as my thumb. Also, being a guy, I have developed no skill working with hair and feel like a klutz trying to do the simplest things.

But I'm optimistic. Thanks for all the help!

I am obsessed with this website! After 44 years of fighting with my hair, I can't believe this information has been out here for 15 years!!

I think I am a 3b, but my hair is strawberry blonde, fine and thin. I gave up straightening it well back in my late teens and I wouldn't say my hair ALWAYS has the control, but we get along ok. The fine strands just love to turn frizzy and my color looks darker crunchy so I have had a time over the years finding the right products. Once I would find one, it seemed they would get pulled off the shelf within a year or two!

Anyway, I have just begun co-washing, using Tresemme Anti Frizz and also using it as a leave in. I will probably try Tresemme Naturals and/or Suave Naturals. I have been using Curls Rock for a few years now and am trying out Bouncy Curls. Just tried the plopping method this morning, though I still blew out some bangs, amazing! The difference was noted by a co-worker upon walking in to the office and it's sooo humid today in PA.

My 12yo daughter has very thick 3a, b, & c hair. I wouldn't say her hair is as fine as mine though. This makes me wonder if she will need a whole other line of products. She hates her lion's mane head of hair and keeps it up in messy buns most of the time. I do straighten it for her once in a while with a flat iron. I realize now the moisture issue and am looking for a good deep conditioner today and plan to start her on co-washing this week.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!!
I'm Thirty. My hair is natural, wash and go with a little leave in Suave and Regis Design Line Ultimate Radiance. I never blow dry because of lots of frizz. My hair has low porosity. I wash with low poo, and conditioner, leave in Suave and Regis - no plopping my hair doesn't like it, I lightly scrunch product into wet hair and leave alone to air dry.

I'm happy to be here
Thirty -
3C /low porosity/ medium/ high density
Low poo scalp only/ Suave Cond/ Leave in Suave- Regis Ultimate Radiance : air dry wet- No plopping

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Hi I'm Kristy & I'm chasing my waves. I had pretty straight baby fine hair as a child. At the age of 10, I had surgery in which my entire head was shaved. What grew back were tons of waves/curls ranging from 2b (air dry with no product) to 3c (gel, scrunch, diffuse). As I've gotten older, I've lost all that texture but want it back! I made a few trial size purchases & rummaged through the house to create my starting arsenal for CG.
So here's what I have so far:
Ion Swimmer's Shampoo (for my well water)
DevaCurl No Poo, 1C, vol foam
Ouidad LI, gel, refresh spray, DT
Josie Moran argan oil
Coconut oil
Need to add some protein

Hair history: perms, heat tools, color, bleach
Currently: Color/bleach free, no more flat iron, hair is worn up in ponytail more often than not due to job and sports

Very thin (scalp is visible on top due to surgical scars & all over when ponytail is soaked with sweat)
Porous (easily weighed down by product & scalp oil)

Ok, back to lurking & post searching!
Hi! Not sure if I'm posting in the right spot, but I'd like to introduce myself. Have been lurking for a long time, finally decided to become active. I have thick 3b, low porosity, high density curls and am looking forward to learning more about maintaining a healthy mane!
Hi !!

I'm looking for a healthy solution to recover lost length from a new treatment and discovered your lovely forum. I am thinking of trying DIY BKT, to transition back to a relaxer or just keep using BKT. I understand that KeraPremium is a good one to use ?

I would greatly appreciate any and all feed back.
For instance can I apply it over a Japanese thermal ? Or should I only apply to new growth ? If I want maximum straightness do I leave it for 48 hours ?

Thank you !!!

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