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I failed to mention that it also went out of business less than a year later. Great idea, but a poor location.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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My first real job (not babysitting) was at a pumpkin patch and then a couple of months later when it was a Christmas tree farm. I had so much fun doing that at 15 years old, lots of good memories.

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Other than cleaning with my mom, my first real job was at a nursing home as a dietary aid.
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Originally Posted by Jaynee View Post
My first real job (not babysitting) was at a pumpkin patch and then a couple of months later when it was a Christmas tree farm. I had so much fun doing that at 15 years old, lots of good memories.
Those were my first two jobs also! And at the same age! Wow. Don't tell me your next job was at a bookstore or else we might be across-the-country twins.
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I was hired as a cashier at Revco. I finished my training as a cashier and the pharmacy assistant quit, so I got promoted. That was back when you didn't need certification to be a pharmacy tech. Basically they needed me to count pills and not steal anything. I loved it! I remember being fascinated when our store started printing out those prescription use guides that listed all the horrible side effects. I thought it was interesting reading
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My first job was bagging groceries at a large chain grocery store. They even gave us classes on how to properly bag food! I eventually became a cashier there after about a year. I worked there for 4 years until I was 20. I remember how mean alot of customers could be for such silly reasons...I'm still extra nice to cashiers and baggers now when I do my grocery shopping, it wasnt an easy job.
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This was back in the 60's (am guessing maybe the summer of 1964 or 1965), my first "full time" job was babysitting three kids for 40 hrs/week one summer for a divorced mother. I made $10/week, which was actually not bad back then.

My first "real" job was during my junior and senior years in high school I was a cashier at a grocery store. Worst part about it was that was well before computers; therefore, every Wed. when the weekly specials came out you had to MEMORIZE them. If you missed ringing up the sale price, those customers were not very nice.
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At sixteen, I hosted at an Italian restaurant. They soon let me wait tables.
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I worked at Best Buy. I was a senior in high school, the store just opened, people were happy to be there, and the only competitor we had was Circuit City down the road. I loved that job, I worked in media - cds, vhs (at the time), software, and some video games. Things eventually changed for the worse, and I left.

Golden- I worked in a pharmacy too! It is a big part of what got me interested in the medical field. I loved typing rx, knowing the medications, what they were for, and their generic names. Knowing what I learned from the pharmacy has helped me a lot in my current field too.
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My job was working at a mini credit union they had in my middle school. Basically doing simple transactions or signing fellow classmates up for an account. My first REAL job was at McDonalds the greasy feeling sucked but I loved the independence...now I work at Subway as a shift leader...i'm a full time college student also though
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