Anyone watching The Walking Dead? (Please put comic book/Talking Dead Talk in white)

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^ speaking of TTD, I would have loved to see Norman Reedus throwing a fit when they were filming the scene in Terminus. Andrew Lincoln said he threw down his crossbow and started screaming, "I'm not doing this anymore!" He was pissed because they had so many people on the roof with guns and he couldn't take any couldn't shoot back. Lol
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That and before they shot, he had barreled right into a thing of garbage cans. Lol
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Yes he did. I can see how that scene would be frustrating. Running around like a crazy person, hardly any time to stop and aim with a pistol and you can forget it with a crossbow. I would have been thinking the same thing. I want to shoot back!

It was also funny when Andrew said Norman did not put any water on the rag he handed him and he was ripping out his beard hairs out trying to remove the congealed fake blood.

Acting does seem like a fun job (that set has to he fun) but I hate it when people act like it's easy and any one can do it. There is a huge difference between a trained actor and D list reality people. Long hours, a great deal of study, memorization, exploration, hours being in someone else's head, physicality... It's a demanding job.
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When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

Yeah, being an actor, especially on a show like that, does look like a ton of fun.
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Can't wait until 10/12. Season 5 looks good
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