Do women still wear pantyhose?

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I have a funeral to go to and I have a black dress to wear but I'm super white right now and I was thinking of wearing hose.. But as I'm thinking about it, I don't remember the last time I wore hose and I don't even know if women still wear them.. Do you?
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I do. Try sheer black.

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I do in the winter time.
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They've been back in style for some time now. Perhaps a year. They haven't really hit HARD yet, but it's coming. I wear them all the time, but they have cute designs in them. Give it a year and everyone would be wearing them.

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Opaque tights of all colours are in style at the moment ... but nobody my age (20's- early 30's) really wear sheer pantyhose anymore.
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In the spring/summer, no. This time of year, since it goes back and forth, depends on the weather. I feel a little uncomfortable wearing skirts with sandals (no hose) in the office, but I am NOT wearing hose and dress shoes when it's hot out. That is why I tend to stick with dress capris and dress sandals or lightweight pants for most everything.

For a funeral, I probably would (wear pantyhose) if you choose to wear a dress. Don't wear dark ones if you're pale - that looks awful. Even if you're self-conscious about your legs, match them to your skintone.
Yes n the winter time!!

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Opaque tights of all colours are in style at the moment ... but nobody my age (20's- early 30's) really wear sheer pantyhose anymore.
Originally Posted by Nej
Really? I do. I would never wear opaque tights.
I don't wear them. But you won't look out of place if you do. If it's cold out, try tights, which are much more comfortable.

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Tights are certainly in fashion, but I still wear hose. I usually only wear them with boots and a skirt or dress with a hemline that hits just a bit above the boots, since like you I"m suuuuuper white and if too much of the hose show, it becomes pretty obvious the differential between my skin tone and the hose.
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Our of respect for the dignity and somberness of a funeral, I would definitely not go bare-legged when wearing a dress. Whether you choose tights or other hoisery, the choice is up to you.
Opaque tights of all colours are in style at the moment ... but nobody my age (20's- early 30's) really wear sheer pantyhose anymore.
Originally Posted by Nej
I still where sheers in the winter time and in the summer for special occasions. I think funerals and weddings are special occasions.
Opaque tights are in style, but I haven't wore them in decades. They are more comfortable and keep you warmer than sheers tho.

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I wear hose when I wear dresses. I was raised by my super-proper grandma and I still hear her voice when I even think about going out in a dress of a certain length, or without proper foundation garments lol.

In all seriousness, I do think it is professional to wear sheers at work and I just do it for church and all special occasions like the ladies here say. I just wish it was more common. It is hard to find every day sheers, especially in colors for African American skintones. So, if they come back in fashion I wil be so happy.

And sorry, back to the OP, I say wear a pair. Either in a dark color so your skin tone won't be an issue or get some in a shade or two darker. If it's a nice dress I say invest in a nice pair from Macy's or someplace where they carry a lot of shade. Hanes make a pearl white, a barely there, little color (all actual product names) which go well with lighter skintones, in a variety of thicknesses, from opaque to extra sheer.
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Hosiery has never gone out of style. There was a backlash against it for a while, but women pretty quickly figured out that barefeet + heels = blisters and barelegs + winter = cold.

Besides, it's pretty unprofessional looking to be barelegged in conservative business environments, so women serious about their careers generally aren't barelegged in dresses and skirts...they're wearing hose, or pants.
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I've always worn them. I feel underdressed without them.
Our of respect for the dignity and somberness of a funeral, I would definitely not go bare-legged when wearing a dress. Whether you choose tights or other hoisery, the choice is up to you.
Originally Posted by misspam
+1. I wouldn't go bare legged to a funeral.

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I wear hose in the winter when opaque tights aren't appropriate. I also wear them with suits for job interviews. In my work world, bare legs are only appropriate on hot days.

I'd wear black hose with a black dress but with other colors, I wear nude hose. Yes, I mean nude, not suntan.
I haven't worn nude hose in 10 or more years. They feel uncomfortable and look old-fashioned to me. I will wear tights or black hose in the winter, though.

My pet peeve in life is people wearing pantyhose with sandals or open toed shoes, though. Yuck. Makes it look like you have webbed feet.
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I wear opaque tights in winter. In warmer weather I wear sheer black, nude or very pale grey (with grey lizard look pumps) for work interviews. I would wear hose or tights for a funeral - not go barelegged.
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Yes, but I don't. I'll accept it(as not to offend anyone at a sensitive time) but I really don't understand the respect factor in wearing hose to a funeral. You can still see your legs, it's just a thin seeh through barely existant layer. If I think it's disrespectful to bare my legs somewhere, I just cover them with clothes.

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