Since hair on the non-hair board is all the rage - help?

Here is my post from the hair board, which I hope to have answered before my shower tonight:

Even my shampoo has cones, and I feel that I've weighed it down and killed it. I want the cones out immediately even if I just go back on them, just for a clean slate. So for those out there who are against clarifying shampoo, sorry, but I'm gonna use it in this case.

So, I've read from a poster here that VO5 extra body condish is as good as elucence mbc. Even if it's not, that's all there is that isn't coney in my house. My mom uses it for her fine straight hair along with the shampoo. So, just in case it isn't uber-moisturizing, would leaving a bunch in make me greasy? In case it is uber-moisturizing, would it be okay to leave in such a moisturizing condish?

I'm also not using gel over it, so if that makes any difference...

Here is the VO5 extra body condish.

Thank you!!

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Why not just do a vinegar rinse to clairify?

ETA oops I think I misunderstood. I thought you wanted to use the VO5 to clairify.

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Why not just do a vinegar rinse to clarify?
Originally Posted by roseannadana
From what I've read, that won't get out all the cones...and no way would my mom let me use the vinegar that way! Besides, the clarifying shampoo is the one thing I'm definitely using.

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Any opinions on my question about the VO5 Extra Body???

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No? Nobody? I'm looking to make some craaaaaaaaazy mistakes...

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I have not used either conditioner, so I don't know what to add. Why not use it with heat after clarifying?
I have not used either conditioner, so I don't know what to add. Why not use it with heat after clarifying?
Originally Posted by internetchick
That's a good idea...we do have saran wrap and towels that I could heat in the microwave. It just seems like not having anything in the hair is a recipe for frizz, although before I came here it didn't.

Thanks, internetchick! You're as helpful as your curls are envy-inducing!

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Thanks And you're welcome
Any opinions on my question about the VO5 Extra Body???
Originally Posted by wild_sasparilla
I've used that condish and all it did for me was make my hair very... poofy, but undefined. It looked cottony. Silky soft, but the curls were strange and undefined. I just used it a few times before I stopped.

Other than that, I'd just use the clarifying shampoo to start over for sure.
I'm the one who likes it. I wouldn't leave it in, though; it will probably weigh down your hair. My shampoo is basically a clarifying 'poo, and I always use it and the VO5 and my curls come out soft and spirally. And my hair does come out a bit poofier sometimes, but I want that.
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I am in the process of moving "hair" topics to the Hair Board, where they belong. Please post anything relating to hair on the appropriate forum. If hair discussions are going to be on the non-hair board, there is no need for different forums.


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