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For those that get email at work, do you answer the emails as they come in or do you only check email at certain times during the day?
If I can answer them immediately I do. However, there are times when I can't just answer immediately because I need to do some research on the question/issue. I try to get those answered by the end of the same day. If I can't then I reply to the email, saying that I'll get them an answer tomorrow.

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Immediately but I have OCD so I can't leave anything in my inbox or I start getting anxiety about it...
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Work e-mails, right away, unless they need something I don't have immediate access to. Personal e-mails to my work account, I do those when I have rush
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I keep my email up as I'm working, because that's how I get my assignments. I finish one thing and begin another after checking my email.
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My Boss is a big fan of only checking emails periodically throughout the day, I've never done that, partly because I'm nosey and I'm wondering who has the restraint to do that?

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