Need creative white elephant gift exchange ideas

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My work (an entertainment venue of sorts*) is going to have a Christmas party with a white elephant gift exchange. Half the upper management is males in their early thirties. The rest of us are a collection of teenagers and a smattering of twenty-somethings, male and female.

*can't be too specific as there aren't many of our type of thing and I have internet paranoia

The upper limit is ~$20.

Commonalities -
tech oriented
music lovers
food lovers
good senses of humor, 'hip' for the most part.

So it has to be something gender-neutral and interesting. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
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A Snuggie! Last year I found a Fushigi new at the thrift store and used that at SO's family white elephant. If you have a Big Lots you can get great stuff there.

SO's aunt usually puts in a jar of m&ms or tootsie rolls. Those could be good because then it can be kept on a desk.
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Anything with "As seen on TV" on the box. A Shake weight, Snuggie etc.
The last three years at our holiday party the three big steals were:
  • Collection of Trader Joe's teas and 4 really cute dollar store mugs (gifter got teas on sale so there were 6 varieties; mugs were extra large santa, snowman, etc.)
  • Leopard print Snuggie
  • Brookstone wine opener/aerator (the gifter had a 1/2 off coupon so was able to get it for $20 or less)
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An iTunes gift card or some type of specialty coffee.

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A corksicle

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The Snuggie is old news. This year, it's Forever Lazy!
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Is this supposed to be a joke gift or a real gift? If it is a joke gift, then bacon salt or baconaise, maybe with some bacon lip balm thrown in. It is vegitarian.
ETA: Mmmvelopes. Bacon flavored envelopes.
Originally Posted by pedaheh
It doesn't have to be a joke gift, but considering the budget and my coworkers, a gift with a humorous edge is a good bet. Either that or something that seems like it stands a really good chance to be used. More boring option but it has not wasting money going for it. I was thinking movie tickets if I give up on the creative note.

mrspoppers- it is so odd that I find the one model hot in his Asleep on the Job gray footed they're actually doing something for him.
“It was only a sunny smile and little it cost in the giving but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Oh, he's hot alright! I'm sure he's merely average when he's not in his jammies.
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Originally Posted by Cheetara
"Important Note
The F*CK in the image above is blurred out, but when you get the real copter it's not blurred... Capiche?"

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I have a coffee cup in the shape of a donut I can send you way
Here's a few things I've bought/seen/received for something like that:

A head scratcher (I love those things)
The book "Awkward Family Photos"
A dictionary of dirty words and slang
A Shake Weight
A season of Saved by the Bell
A season of Punky Brewster

Booze, lottery tickets, and gift cards are (boring) fall backs, usually.
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