My sad shoe collection

What SIZE SHOE do you wear?
Originally Posted by Mephisto
In sneakers I usually take an 8.5. In other types of shoes it can vary.
you're not going to find any comfortable, well made shoes at payless.

Originally Posted by mayim
I get all my shoes from payless.
Originally Posted by wild_sasparilla
I get most of mine from Payless, and have no problems at all, either with fit or how long they last. Like I said, I have several pairs of shoes from Payless that have lasted a few years, with regular wear. I'm more likely to "retire" them because I get tired of them.

I also find great shoe bargains at Penney's.

There's absolutely no need to spend a hundred bucks, or even sixty bucks, on a pair of shoes, in my opinion (unless you find a pair you can't live without - then it's completely justified. ).

Rock on with your bad self.


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