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When someone is not direct or forthright? When their communication is vague or ambiguous or intentionally confusing?

I know a guy who always gives very general, vague or equivocal responses when asked for his opinion on something.

He never wants to commit to any particular POV or go out on a limb and have to defend a position someone else won't agree with.

He often says he knows someone or something well, or remembers an event, when he doesn't.

Does this trait have a name?


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I just say people like that are vapid. No real views of their own because they don't care to have their own opinions.

Or chameleons. They adapt their thoughts and opinions to the people they're around to fit in. Or because they haven't been in environment where they learn to think for themselves and stand up for what they believe in. They think they're being supportive or a relaxed, soothing personality when they really don't know what they want or what they're talking about.
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Originally Posted by The New Black
Sounds like these three words would describe him best, based on your description.
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I call him my ex husband.

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I call him my ex husband.

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Originally Posted by iroc
Ha ha

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Passive aggressive

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I'd call him a fence-sitter. It's not a fancy term, but it conveys that not only is he not taking a position, but he's deliberately being non-committal, possibly to either be able to play both sides, or to avoid offending either side.

fence sitter
n. Informal
One who takes a position of neutrality or indecision, as in a controversial matter.
fence-sitting (fnsstng) n.
It's also possible he genuinely doesn't have a horse in many races. I don't get too heated about a lot of issues, because I can see both sides, or because I just am not that invested in a particular issue, and haven't given it a lot of thought. Or I feel like I need MUCH more information to make an informed opinion.
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Passive aggressive.

And probably a sneak and a liar.

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I call him my ex husband.

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Originally Posted by iroc
3C .....thru......10Z
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I call him my ex husband.

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Originally Posted by iroc
Originally Posted by parislarue
I know...lol

Maybe he's just very insecure.
Originally Posted by damsel_fly
That was my hunch but couldn't say exactly why.

Why does this make someone insecure in your opinion?

Why does it take "security" to say "I like the blue dress...that's fine that your mom and six of your friends like the orange dress...but I still like the blue dress?"

Why does it take security to say, "You told me last week you're training for a marathon? I'm sorry; I didn't remember. But if you say you told me, then OK, I believe that you told me."

What thing happened in their formative years to make them so "mealy mouthed?" LOL

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