Embarrassing topic but a 13 yr teen needs desperate advice!:0

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First time I used a tampon i was 17 and still a virgin. It didn't pop my cherry lol. I agree with the idea that the hymen is probably further up inside the vagina. When I had sex the first time it kinda hurt but I didn't even realize a "cherry" was popped and I bled a little til after it was over lol.

A skinny two inch tampon usually is not enough to break ur (gy) hymen (if u have one).
Tampons are so much cleaner than pads in my opinion. When my periods were really heavy and I wanted extra protection I wore a thin pad or a good panty liner. It's esp good when u feel like its leaking and ur in the middle of class or something lol.

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The only way to get a lighter period is by hiding hormonal methods like birth control pills. If your periods continue to be super heavy ask to see a doctor, preferably a gynecologist. But it IS common to have heavy flow at your age. Relax when u remove them it will get easier. Hugs!
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Whoops. That should say using hormonal methods not hiding!!!
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Thank you yeah my first try I was like wow so excited I got it in and was great but it only worked for not even an hour!:0
It will take a while to find out which tampon you'll need for which day depending on your flow. I had incredibly heavy periods at your age.
I told my mom and she is really concerned and she's all like of you have to change your pad more than once on an hour and a half then we need to go see a doctor Iam really scared!:0 what do I do????
Relax Athena! It s normal to have Very heavy periods at your age, and horrible cramps too.
If you want to go with your mom to see a doctor it would also be great.
I really don t think you have anything to worry about, at your young age periods are really difficult.

You can also try a menstrual cup.
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Honestly, heavy periods are very common, especially at your age.

There's no specific amount of time you should be wearing a pad or tampon. It just depends on your flow. When I was your age, I changed super heavy flow pads every hour or so, or just whenever it was starting to feel uncomfortable/full. Now I can often have a pad on for several hours with a lighter flow.

I also had incredibly bad cramps. A lot of women do. If these get very bad, you can see a doctor about them. It's nothing to worry about but if you find it's too much for you your doctor could suggest going on a form of the pill. I did when in was 11 and it helped me a lot, however it also meant I never really got into a natural cycle either. There are pros and cons.

What you've said sounds normal, but there's no harm in seeing a doctor, just to ask some questions and put your mind at rest. My mother was never worried about my heavy periods because she also had heavy periods, if your mum is lucky enough to have a light flow, that may be why she is concerned. From chat in the boards, I gather a lot of women here also suffer from heavy periods.

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Thanks so much everybody my period is only usually very heavy for about 3 days in the middle of it
Does anyone know how I can get my period on track?
I've started my period when i just started year 5 so i was about 8-10 i was very young and thought i was dying lol. But i found out my mum, my sister and aunt started at around that age so i guess it just ran through the family.
I've been using pads (and still using) when i get my period and it started becoming regular at like the summer of 2011 (late in the month). Im 13 btw and i have very bad cramps on the first day. But i just take feminax and it sorts the pain out.
I did feel very alone in dealing with this because i cant't really talk about it with anyone and i learnt how to deal with it on my own. And i think i'm ready for tampons because i do alot of sports abd pads are very unconfortable to use during and i cant really ask my mum to get me some because even my 16 year old sis hasnt complained about using pads. And i come from a strong nigerian background and if i ask for such thing they'd probly think im doing wrong (dont ask what lol) so i just use pads untill im "old enough"
One thing that i hate about periods is the smell. I go to a catholic girls school an we are only allowed to use the bathroom at break and lunch so during school i can only change my pad like twice. And theres always that one person who says "someone stinks like perish (period+fish=perish) " One part of me is totally embarassed but yet another is like you get you're period so why make other people feel bad about being on it. And body spray, perfume, deoderant doesnt really mask the smell making it harder to get away with it.
I just find period a pain to deal with.
Thank you so much and same I go to a catholic school too! I know exactly how you feel some people can be so rude about your period! I wanna try tampons but I did once and it just leaked right through!

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