My Gay rant

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Before I begin let me just say that I am not gay nor is any of my family. I say this so that you know I am not bias in the formation of my opinion. If you are anti-gay but have no reason or argument please dont bother to read any farther. On that note, for all you anti-gay Christians I respect your opinions, to some extent. I am not Christian but I do go to a Catholic school and have learnt the bible. My school, however, has a Pro-Gay approach. The Catholic church agrees that gay's are born this way. However if it is your opinion that they are "not right" that is the only thing I will except. I dont agree but as long as you dont think the rights of gays should be constricted I am discontent but I will respect your opinion.

First of all, gays are being prosecuted. Its kind of hypocritical and reminds me much of the African American hate. Black people are born the way they are and so are gays. Today people realise how wrong everyone was for segregratig them and treating them as lesser beings. How are gays any different? Why do you have the right to say someone can or cant marry. So you dont like gays... Okay. But what gives you the right to say that because you were born this way you cant marry? Thats like saying because you were born black or white or hispanic you shouldnt have the same rights as other people. I live in Canada so the whole "you cant marry issue" is irrelevant here. But I am puzzled at the United States. In 10 or 15 years you will realize how wrong you have been and regret it.

I understand this is a sensative issue and others dont feel the same way as me. If you have another opinion please say it in a respectful manner. This is mine and if you dont like it, as long as you are respectful, you can argue it. I will treat you with respect in kind.

I dont know if I should have even posted this but it was just eating away at my brain.

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I basically don't understand why people don't mind their own business. I don't care what you eat, if you are straight/gay/transgendered etc. I'm in the live and live school, so I agree with your post. If it's consenting adults - MYOB!
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