MIGRAINE: What medication do you take?

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I tried to do a search but there are too many threads to find meds in.
I just wanted to know what you all use for medication to treat your migraines. I have been using Midrin (epidrin) successfully for over 30 years, but apparently it is NLA and I have to find something else.

I tried Maxalt about 5 years ago, it didn't touch it.

The pharmacist suggested Imitrex (generic), would it be the same? I hope not. I have a call in to my Dr to see what she says and does.

So, what prescription medication do you take successfully?

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Nothing works better for me than an Advil Extra Strength Liquigel. I swear by em.
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I was prescribed Imitrex and I started taking it Sunday. Yeah it does NOTHING for mine. I mean not a thing lol.

So now the dr. has me on compazine cuz I get nauseous when I have migraines. Also, I'm on this steroid pack to break my cycle of migraines called medrol. Also, for prevention of my migraines she prescribed topamax. Also, toradol for those times where the pain is unbearable and I need immediate relief.

I have yet to take any of the newly prescribed pills because I'm afraid of the side effects and it counter acting my birth control.

Hth and good luck with finding what works for you!
Three maximum-strength Excedrin and a Coke.
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I hated how Imitrex made me feel. It's been many years since taking it, but I will never forget that awful sensation of tightening in my chest.

I take Verpramil daily as a prophylactic and Fioricet for acute attacks. I get cluster headaches though, so my protocol is a little more aggressive. It's the only thing thats worked so far.

Strong migraine meds make me feel nauseous. Other headache meds sometimes help regular headaches, sometimes they don't. Never do they help migraines.

My migraine triggers are usually hormones. There never seems to be a solution for hormonal headaches.

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you could always try preventing them the herb feverfew has been medically proven to reduce the incidence of migraine...you have to take feverfew pills daily, but it eventually stops migraines from happening to a great degree.
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Prescription naproxen ( OTC Aleve) is the only thing that helps when a migraine starts. It lessens the severity and duration with minimal side effects.
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Imitrex and Maxalt didn't help me. One did nothing and the other one only delayed the onset of the headache. They are the extent of the prescription meds I've tried. The best thing for me is to take 800 mg of ibuprofen as needed--generally every 6 hours.
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I have used a lot of them. I currently take Imitrex and it seems to be okay. If it's a really bad migraine (like throwing up, your eyes move to your pulse, blurry vision...), Imitrex doesn't touch them. Otherwise, it's not so bad. But then again, I used Maxalt and really liked it.

Before my migraine headaches moved into full-blown nasty migraines, I used to take Midrin, too. And it worked better usually than the specific migraine pills. It was a lot more effective for me to take that because it had a little bit of a muscle relaxer in it. I hold all my emotions and stress in my neck, so it gets so knotted up to the point it gives me migraines. Midrin was just right, not enough to knock me flat on my butt, but enough to finally get the muscles to unknot. I was miffed when the pharmacist told me they were discontinuing it or whatever they did to it.

Speaking of Midrin, have you tried Fioricet? It's a mixture of Tylenol, Caffeine and butalbital (a barbiturate that causes sedation similar to the Midrin combo).

Sooo what my doctor did was give me a prescription for a muscle relaxer to take alongside the migraine pills. Works like a charm.

What I've taken:
Maxalt-Worked for me okay
Imitrex-Works for me okay
Treximet-Worked well when I could still take NSAID's, it combines Imitrex and Naproxen Sodium (Aleve)
Zomig-had this in a nasal spray...was the fastest my migraine had ever gone away. I might talk to my doctor and see if she can prescribe these for me.
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No...going no-poo or CG does not work for me. It leaves me overconditioned and oily in a second no matter what I use, so that's not what's not working.

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Three maximum-strength Excedrin and a Coke.
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
^^^ this. However, if I can catch it early enough, I call my chiropractor and tell him I am on the way. He adjusts my entire body and works on my skull and TA DA = no drugs, it goes away. I cannot explain it I just know it works.
Three maximum-strength Excedrin and a Coke.
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
This, pretty much to a T. I sometimes substitute coffee for the Coke. They both have caffeine which is what helps my headache. This is really timely as I am having my first one in months.
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Speaking of Midrin, have you tried Fioricet? It's a mixture of Tylenol, Caffeine and butalbital (a barbiturate that causes sedation similar to the Midrin combo)
That actually worked for me while I was pregnant. I totally forgot about fioricet. Oh and Norco. Norco has worked the best so far. I just hate the crackheadish feeling I get when it wears off. Lbs.
I used to take Maxalt but my insurance won't pay for it anymore. I now take supatriptan (Imitrex) which works well for me.

I also get migraine from neck pain, and Flexeril (muscle relaxer) helps tremendously.

Before I started taking prescription meds, I would take a high dose of Aleve and have a cup of coffee.

Hope you find something that works!
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Any triptan (Imitrex, etc) gives me side effects as bad as the migraine. IF I catch it right away, Excedrin works. If I don't catch it right away I just have to suffer.

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I've had migraines for 47 years, as many as 15 days a month every month. I've used most everything out there, OTC and prescription, herbal, alternative, legal and not so legal.
The triptans have pretty much saved my life. But they are all different and I needed to try many of them. The 2 that work best for me are Relpax and Maxalt. Imitrex (I used the injections) made me feel like I was having a heart attack. For my sister it's the opposite - Imitrex works great for her, but the others do nothing.
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Imitrex (I used the injections) made me feel like I was having a heart attack.
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
YES!! That's EXACTLY what it feels like to me.
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Obamacare is not a blueprint for socialism. You're thinking of the New Testament. ~~ John Fugelsang

Magnesium glycinate to treat and prevent migraines. The cheap mag from the drugstore doesnt work since it's not absorbed well into the body. You can take it orally, use magnesium oil and/or take baths using magnesium chloride flakes. Mag is a natural relaxer and a natural calcium channel blocker. most everyone is deficient. Mag has changed my life!! I uses to take 40mg Flexeril daily and now I no longer need it. My head doesnt throb several times a week, my muscles arent agonizing...all because of mag.


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I'm notoriously bad for not getting my migraine stuff filled. Mine are hormonal so I sometimes lose track of when they are coming until they do. Relpax is the freaking bomb but my new insurance wants me to try some generics first so I've been prescribed Imitrex. Haven't tried it yet.

If it's early, excedrin migraine plus a caffinated beverage and bed with a heating pad will kick it. Mine start in my right shoulder and travel right over my head and sit behind my right eye so the heating pad helps with the muscle and sinus pain (it radiates through them).

I've also been known to take a hydrocodone just to distract my brain from the pain to sleep, but I don't do that unless it's bad and late.

Most often though, as they are hormonal, is to do my best and ride it out.
Imitrex (I used the injections) made me feel like I was having a heart attack.
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
YES!! That's EXACTLY what it feels like to me.
Originally Posted by Springcurl
That's what I was describing upthread. It does something to your chest and it feels like a heart attack or something. I don't know what's worse; feeling like a hot poker is going through your eye socket, or feeling like you're having a heart attack.
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