Favorite soup

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A good veggie broth with some alphabet pasta is pure comfort for me.
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A lot of the ones listed! Really anything made off of my broth base of veggie plus maybe chicken. Matzoh ball especially, and usually that includes chicken meat, too. I'll make turkey soup after this week, I'm sure. I made veggie soup for tomorrow's meal.
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The only non-homemade soup I love it Lipton Chicken Noodle. Reminds me of being a kid. Also tastes great when I have a cold or just don't feel good.

Homemade - chili, cream of mushroom, ham and potato, ham and bean, oyster stew,
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--Cambodian hot pot, maybe it's more of a stew really but heck, it's the bomb regardless. My friend's cousin made some pho in the biggest pot I've ever seen; it took up several of the stove burners and had fish balls in it. Soooooo good....

--"garden soup" my mom used to make; we had HUGEEEE gardens when I was coming up, it seemed like one minute we were shelling, picking and husking for our lives and the next minute she was spooning out bowls of veggie soup with bits of beef, chicken or turkey in it. It was tomato-based but more stew-y vs. soupy. Sooooo good. Esp the little lima beans. Or if she put big chunks of beef in. She'd take random jars of the veggies and just throw them all in the soup pot.

I had no lunch today, sigh

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Clam chowder
Greek lemon chicken and rice
Vegetable cabbage
Cream of broccoli (not cheese)
White chili
Split pea

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I make a soup with a tomatoey broth with chick peas and ditalini pasta. Love it.

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Lobster and crab bisque
French onion
Creamy tomato basil
Lobster bisque

I love soup and dang near live off of it in the winter!
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Chicken soup, with lots of cilantro/coriander, and ajiaco.
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SO has perfected his miso soup and I think that's my favorite. He's really into fermented foods lately.
Real New England Clam chowder. Love it.
My moms Potato Leek soup is amazing - we had it today with Thanksgiving, and I think I ate more of the soup than anything else.
Italian wedding soup is up there too, followed by french onion.
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