Convection bake setting on my oven...

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Don't feel bad, as long as it's edible, that's all that matters. Between two generations of bad government advice, fear of lawsuits, and only making one a year, not many people have ever had great turkey.
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Well, shoot, looks great to me!! When do we eat? *holds out plate* I prefer that drumstick....and as much of that skin as possible...

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I was following Butterball's instructions.

Butterball - Cook in a Convection Oven

Well, now I know better.

Thanks for being kind and not letting me have it.
Medussa, if your turkey is a Butterball, it's practically impossible to dry it out. That's why the tv commercials used to talk about "perfect turkey every time" or whatever it was. I'm sure your turkey was delicious.
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^Butterball turkeys are injected, so yeah. They don't taste like much, but they're hard to dry out because they're downright soggy in texture. With mojo for flavor, I'm sure everyone will like it.

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Yeah, I don't know where the 180 number came from. As far as I know, every cookbook and website uses the 165 temperature. I had no idea 180 degrees was so common.

I prefer to take mine out at 155, but sometimes I just take it out once the juices are running clear without bothering with a thermometer. But I'm a rebel like that.
Originally Posted by Nallia
It said 180 on the directions that came with my turkey and if I weren't such a Googler, I would have stuck with that but thanks to the magic of the Internet, I went with 165 and my white meat was juicy and delicious.
Here is my turkey.

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Saria, you must be dying inside.

I used Dominican mojo to season it. Hopefully it'll taste ok. My cousin is visiting from DR and I really wanted to impress her.

I can't believe how I managed to screw this up.
Originally Posted by medussa
Since I really only live to eat the skin off the turkey on Thanksgiving, that looks great! I would totally eat that!
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I don't eat meat, but it certainly looks yummy! Hope it turned out ok
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