Tipping for furniture delivery?

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I bought 2 pieces of used furniture at a local mom-and-pop-type store. The owner offered to deliver the pieces to my house for free and he's supposed to be here soon. But I totally forgot about tipping! I have no cash in the house. Is this a situation that calls for tipping? I was thinking about the rule about hair salon owners and thought maybe tipping the owner of the furniture store would be inappropriate (by the way, I am assuming he is the owner because the store seems to be named for him). If it is appropriate to tip, though, would it be weird to mention that I don't have cash and that I can stop by the store this week with his tip? That seems awkward. Should I write him a check? That also seems weird! Solutions?
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I don't tip owners for anything. And I rarely tip for furniture delivery, unless they go above-and-beyond the usual delivery, like heavy lifting up awkward stairs or something. Usual furniture deliveries I don't tip.
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Thanks, RCW. That makes me feel better!
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I do tip. What if you buy something else there someday? He may be less likely to deliver for free next time.

I'd offer him a check or to stop by with cash very soon.
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Did you tip or not tip?
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Did you tip or not tip?
Originally Posted by Zinnia
No, I never did! I felt bad about it. He's a really nice guy. I've stopped by his store since, because he had a lot of stuff I liked last time, and he remembered me by name. I was surprised! I definitely plan to buy from him again and will tip next time. But like claudine said, I'm not expecting free delivery next time. One of his employees said that I was getting the "pretty girl discount," and I'm pretty sure that's expired!
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I would have tipped if he did a good job and the service was good but otherwise tipping shouldn't be mandatory.

I hate it when businesses including restaurants expect a tip or charge the tip in automatically when they haven't asked you if the service was even good. Tips used to be something extra for good service now people expect it even when the service is terrible! I have no problem giving huge tips to people who deliver great service, I will even add generously to tips that are already included in the bill but why should I tip you on top of what you already get paid for doing your job when your service was terrible and you were rude and miserable. If the service is bad I will never go back.

Sorry I kind of went of on a little rant

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