So... does mango taste a little fishy to anyone else?

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I don't care for the smell of mango. I'd leave the kitchen anytime someone in my family started eating one.

What is the connection to cilantro? I like cilantro just fine.
Originally Posted by Dedachan
the chemical composition of cilantro can be very... floral for lack of a better term. for some it can come off as tasting like soap. scienctist actually is during research to determine why. one idea is that its got to do with our genetics. certain parts of the world use loads of cilantro while others use none. so you may be prediposed to hate the stuff and get the soapy taste.

cilantro taste like soap to me, but a little of it in the right dish, taste yummy to me.
Originally Posted by thelio
I see. Thanks.
no mango is yummy to me.

cilantro taste like soap to some folks. its a genetics thing.
Originally Posted by thelio
Yea Im wondering if the mango/fishy thing is a genetics thing too. I absolutely hate fish and seafood and can detect the taste and smell very well. And I do not taste it at all in mango.
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How timely this post is--I've been eating frozen mango the past few days like it's going out of style.

I love mango--no fishy taste to me. When fresh mangoes are not ripe enough, they do have sort of a "piney" taste to me though, especially right under the peel.
How timely this post is--I've been eating frozen mango the past few days like it's going out of style.

I love mango--no fishy taste to me. When fresh mangoes are not ripe enough, they do have sort of a "piney" taste to me though, especially right under the peel.
Originally Posted by sarah42
Green mangos with black pepper, salt & vinegar, yummy!

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^Dang, I had forgotten he called himself Mango! That is awesome!
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Fresh mango never tastes fishy but I've had some frozen one that did. And I doubt that it had been touching any seafood. The taste was close to salmon fat. Wasn't a pleasant experience.

Junab, you made my mouth watery! Love green mangoes with salt! Love mangoes in all forms!

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Yeah the cilantro thing is probably down to different phenotypes being sensitive, hypersensitive, and insensitive to the "good" and "bad" tastes (smells) of the herb. The same is true of a lot of other scent/flavor chemicals, both found-in-nature and lab-only.
Many years ago I hated cilantro, loathed it! These days? I can't get enough of it! I have no idea what happened to bring about the change, but I always add extra when I cook with it I love it so much.

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I love mango salsa. I love mangoes.

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lol no...I want some now preferably dried.

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Did it have any fish oil added to it?
Originally Posted by Speckla
Lol. Don't know why it would! No. It was just frozen mango.

Look. Here's a cooking board thread from 2001 where someone else thinks their frozen mango tasted fishy.

Mango question [Archive] - Community

And another one from a different message board.

Frozen mangoes smell like fish? - AnandTech Forums

I feel comforted that at least I'm not the only one in cyberspace that thinks so.
Originally Posted by Springcurl

My bad. I thought it was a smoothie someone made for you.. Some people do add oils to their smoothies for health reasons.
I haven't tried frozen mango but I do notice that some fruits come out smelling and tasting like fish if they've been in the freezer for a while, whether there's fish in the freezer or not.
Eres o te haces?
Girl u know the thing lol. I used to have a mango trip in DR and take the green mangoes and put salt and vinegar or lemon. Mmmm

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We're in mango season here, yay! No fishiness that I've ever noticed.

My SO has always said coriander (cilantro, I believe) tastes like soap, now I can tell him he's not the only one.
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