Do you ever apologize when you don't think you were in the wrong?

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I do it a lot with my boss. He can just never be wrong, so I find myself apologizing to him even when I'm not sorry, or know I wasn't in the wrong.

I've worked for him for 8 years and this works and makes things run smooth. I don't always like it, but it keeps the piece. Some times it even makes me giggle
Originally Posted by CurlyCanadian
The husband and wife team I used to work for are like this! They are horrible, nasty, and mean when they think you are wrong. Dog forbid if you manage to prove that they are wrong. Not only will they not apologize, they will find a way to blame you for their mistake.

I always just said that I was "sorry I disappointed you, how can I do better next time?" and kinda blew smoke just to get them to STFU. They loved me. Narcissistic fools.
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Why? And how do you feel after? Does it "work" (for whatever your reasons are)?
Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
No. I would not apologize for anything 'I' did not believe 'I' was culpable for.

The confusion comes with others' perceptions of what they 'assume' YOU should feel sorry for/not sorry for/is right or wrong.

but if 'I' apologize, it is because I feel like I did something to apologize for.

On the other hand...that is not the same thing as regretting something, different answer for THAT...

I digress...

THAT isn't what you asked, though...

Great thread, it may help one reevaluate the reasons for their actions/ self esteem/self worth when such questions are presented.

There have been many threads like this lately, on various forums. It is a good thing.
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Frequently. It's the only way to maintain healthy relationships, especially intimate ones.

There are many occasions where I find out what I did that was wrong and after gaining understanding I then feel I want to apologize.

Then there are the times where I do see things differently, but the bottom line is my actions were nonetheless hurtful, whether or not I intended them to be. Therefore I need to at least apologize for that.
Originally Posted by wild~hair
This. Couldn't have said it any better.
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