spinoff: kindle or nook

I'm a Nook girl simply because when I wanted a free app on my blackberry years ago it was the one who had it. I like that your library is always accessible and you don't always have to have the books loaded to avoid losing them like music downloads.

I've played with Kindle and like it about equally. I do see more free books available with Kindle as far as I can tell, so if I were starting now that's probably what I would go with.
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kindle, because I never had a nook, I've never even touched a nook. so I don't know anything about them to compare.
Kindle. My daughter has a Nook and wants a Kindle HD.
ETA: I have Amazon Prime and buy a lot of things from Amazon. Plus the plethora of books and movies with digital download, was pretty enticing.

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I just got a Kindle for my birthday and so far, it's great. I had the Kindle app on my phone, so I already had a lot of books - many of them were free. We also have amazon prime and use the heck out of it. I don't know if that makes any difference but I remember my husband mentioning that when he was telling me why he picked the Kindle over the Nook.
Do any of you borrow e-books from the library? If so, does that affect your preference for Kindle over Nook?

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Do any of you borrow e-books from the library? If so, does that affect your preference for Kindle over Nook?
Originally Posted by claudine19
I often borrow books from the library for my Kindle. I don't have a Nook, so I can't say for sure, but I have read the only way to borrow a book for it is to download to a computer then put it on the Nook.

Most of the books I borrow for the Kindle can go straight to the Kindle.
I have a nook and one of the factors for me was library book availability. This was a couple of years ago and nook was more readily supported by my library. I rarely buy e books, almost everything I read on it is from the library.

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Thank you!

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
As for the OP, it seems like you can't go wrong with either one. I use Amazon often, so that is why I got the Kindle. Where I used to live, I went to B&N often and probably would have just picked one up there.
I received a Nook as a gift a couple of years ago. It works fine and I have no complaints...but never compared it to a Kindle.

I had a Nook, but I gave it to my Dad and got a Kindle so my sister and could share her Kindle account.
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I forced myself to decide and went with a Nook. It was a good value, came with a case, and Kindle just didn't seem.......well, I could have gone with either, frankly.

It's a relief to have made the decision.

Thanks for y'all's input! (I'm having a springy-curl moment. I'm hoping Calvin will get confused and come over for a visit.)

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.

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