Another teenage girl lost to rape culture.

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Just saw this today & it really made my blood boil:

Exclusive: Leader of Anonymous Steubenville Op on Being Raided by the FBI | Mother Jones

The whistleblower who exposed the Steubenville rapists is now facing up to 10 YEARS in jail. Compare that to the longest sentence given to the rapists themselves, which was 2 years.

The threats and intimidation against people who are trying to bring justice to victims is really troubling. At every level, from the government on down, it's as if publicizing wrongdoing is the crime, rather than the wrongdoing itself.
Originally Posted by yossarian
wtf?!? so what he did was so deep that they sent the FBI and 10 years. but a rapist may get a couple years in jail? Really? Really?
Well he can get up to 10 years if convicted which is ridiculous. From what I read it's for hacking a website. I dont understand how these crimes get more severe punishment. And he didnt do it, the other anonymous hacker openly declared he's the one that hacked it.

They hacked this website - and posted a video naming the athletes and friends who participated to get attention the case.

This comment sums it up -

"And what did the Steubenville kids get? One and two years? You said it perfectly, Katie: "They take the forcible penetration of computers very seriously." Five times more seriously than forcible penetration of a girl, to be precise."

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This stuff just makes me feel very sad and tired. My husband and I were just talking about who between us would go to prison and who would have to stay out if anyone ever harms our teenage girl. We know she will need one parent, but both of us would want to go after them. Sounds emotional, I know, but it is true emotion.

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