Molly Ringwald as a jazz singer

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Molly Ringwald, the actress, just released an album of jazz songs. She looks fabulous in these pictures singing.

Molly Ringwald sizzles in a curvy red dress as she belts out classic tunes at Las Vegas jazz review | Mail Online

I recently read a book of short stories she wrote & was very pleasantly surprised. She has multiple talents.
She hasn't changed a bit. Apparently, her father was a jazz musican, too, so it isn't that much of a stretch. I'd be interested to listen...
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She looks gorgeous in the pics and has a wonderful voice.
She's here in Adelaide atm, in the cabaret festival. Not my cup of tea though.
3b in South Australia.
I actually saw her perform earlier this year. I think it may even have been her first concert. Me and a few friends took one of our friends, who is very much into the 80s, to the concert to get her mind off of things since her mother had suddenly passed away.

Molly looks really good. She's an okay singer, but I don't think she'll be making a big splash in the Jazz scene. There were moments where she and the audience were both uncomfortable. Hopefully, she'll become a more seasoned performed as time goes on and she'll drop her big closing number, a jazz verson of Don't you Forget about me. Sadly, we wished we could forget her rendition of it.

But as I said earlier--she looked great!
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She does look fabulous. Her singing voice is adequate. Nothing to rave about but I wouldn't throw rotten tomatoes either.
A bit of the review I read in the local paper said she wasn't any great singer and also that she made comments about our PM that made the audience uncomfortable. Strange that your experience was much the same Freecurls.
3b in South Australia.

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