Do you have a "good side?"

I mean, of your face... Does your left profile look different than your right? Do you prefer one side?

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I don't really know if one side is necessarily better than the other but I do tend to favour one side more than the other. They say everyone has a "good side" maybe it's true.

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I definitely have a better side and worse side.
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My worst side is due to sleeping on my side and driving... it's the side of my face that faces the window, and gets the most sun.

As I age, it's definitely more noticeable.
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I do! My nose is not perfectly symmetric and my teeth are a little crooked on one side, so my left side is the "good side." I always position myself in photos to favor my good side if possible.
The right side, if I have to pick. The sides of my face are pretty close to the same (I don't think anyone 100% is symmetrical) but I seem to find myself in photo positions where the right side of my face catches the light better. The left will look different, due to shadows.
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I think the right side of my nose kind of dents in a bit so if I have my picture taken I much rather its taken showing my left side.

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