2 questions about a potential party outfit

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Does anyone have info about the quality of clothing from Victoria's Secret? I don't think much of their lingerie but some of the clothes look cute. For example...

Multi-way Tunic Sweater - A Kiss of Cashmere - Victoria's Secret

I was thinking about wearing the tunic and lightweight wool pants to a party with a guy I've gone out with a couple of time. It's his 25-year homecoming party (yes, he's a little younger than me - thus my angst), the Friday before the game. The attire supposed to be 'dressy' but not after five or formal. Do you think that's appropriate?
I not only think it's appropriate, I'm going to order it. Thx. Have a good time!
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I have something similar that i got from marshalls ($16). I love it , but a friend wore it on a date and it got back that the guy thought she was too casual.

If this is for the game, i would say ok but too casual for a slightly dressy party. maybe you could dress it up a little with skinny jeans and heels

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I like it. But could you get it in the black or dark gray? You can dress up black easier IMO.

I thought about skinny pants but perhaps something with a little shine to them. I think I saw some shiny black pants that might work .....somewhere. I think sparkly earrings and bracelet would be cool too.

I'm 5'2" so I'll definitely have on heels.
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I think I own that, and it's not very fitted at all, just FYI. Also, I wear it to run errands or lay around the house on the weekends, with leggings or skinny jeans. I definitely wouldn't wear it to anything dressy.

VS clothes in general are pretty cheap quality--they don't stay looking good for more than a couple wears. I love them for lounge wear stuff, and also for trendy pieces I only expect to wear for one season, but not for things I want to last or look upscale.
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I have also found VS clothes poor quality. Nice styling but they don't last.
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Even though it's loose, it could be cute with skinny pants/leggings.

Personally not a fan of the top. I don't like that big fold over thing at all. I also have a sweater that's like that (not with the foldy thing but long and loose on the body) but I like it to cover me up on my 'fat' days. It doesn't do anything to flatter my figure but it's super comfy and I wouldn't wear it to a nice event. I'm not that petite though so loose things just make me look bigger.
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Well I changed mind. I found an off the shoulder sweater dress with pretty gold buttons. Thanks for the advice
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