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Hi guys ....

I have PM'd one of the admins here but I'm not sure if I've messaged the right person? So I thought I'd post here too.

My original account (BotticelliBrit) seems to have been banned for some reason and I'm just wondering what has happened? Has anyone else experienced this? Is this to do with all the spam or something?

Not sure what's going on, but was quite a shock to see I'd been banned for no reason lol. Hopefully this can be got to the bottom of soon as I love being a part of this community!
They probably thought you were a spammer.

I hope they aren't banning spammers by IP address.
I don't know why they'd think that! How weird! Hoping my original account can be restored, as it'd be quite annoying to have to start over
Sorry about that. Our spam filter seemed to have picked up your account. I've reinstated it and you should be good to go.
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@BotticelliBrit did you have anymore problems?
Oh thanks so much Everything seems to be back to normal now!
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This has happened to me too, and I was banned on the same exact day you were! There's been a disgustingly high influx of spam. I was scared and I thought I did something wrong so I contacted a moderator, but thankfully my account was restored and all is well <3
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