need helpp with bras

Can someone help me out? Was wondering best bra for support and (embarrassing) nipple coverage? I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, can u gals help save me some footwork? the problem either not enough support or fabric not enough to keep nipples from showing thru shirt. tia
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Finding a bra that works isn't always an easy ordeal. I went to about 5 stores before I found something that would work. A good place to start wiuld be Nordstroms. Ask a sales person to help and they will take you into a dressing room and have you try on a bunch until you like what you are wearing.

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I second going to Nordstrom, although if you have a local store that is a dedicated lingerie shop with knowledgeable staff that would work also. The Nordstrom staff is amazing, at least in the one closest to me. I had the same concerns where I needed excellent support, didn't want any "nippleage" showing, and certainly didn't want or need any additional padding. They brought about 5 or 6 different ones to my dressing room, and the second one I tried on was perfect. I have this Natori one which is kinda boring but very comfy, supportive, and doesn't show at all. This one is a bit prettier, but still has all the qualities I wanted. They aren't cheap, but they also aren't crazy expensive, and they wear well if you wash them on delicate in a lingerie bag.
I'd also recommend going somewhere that specializes. Bras do cost money but will last you if you treat them well. I never ever dry mine. That helps.

There are some things called dimmers that go over your nipplage that helps them not be seen. If you don't want to spend a lot on a bra you could get those then buy a bra elsewhere.

Also hanes her way makes a bra with "concealing petals" or something. It's extra coverage in that area and I find they do their job

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Can someone help me out? Was wondering best bra for support and (embarrassing) nipple coverage? I can't seem to find what I'm looking for, can u gals help save me some footwork? the problem either not enough support or fabric not enough to keep nipples from showing thru shirt. tia
Originally Posted by yogawaves
Hi, Yogawaves. I know exactly what you mean. The HerRoom site will save you a lot of footwork. They have a bra finder tool that asks you questions and gives you personalized recommendations on proper fitting bras for your breast and body shape. I am not kidding you when I say that their recommendations dramatically changed the way I look in clothing, simply because they factor in more than band and cup size.

It's still a good idea to have someone else measure you, if possible. I was always off by an inch or two when it came to my cup size.

I hope you find what you need!
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I've been using the Ah Bra and the Genie Bra. They're very comfortable and provide good support. They come with padding inserts that you can remove. The padding is good for perky coverage and I recently started using petals instead of the padding and they work great. You can find the bras at Wal-Mart and I found the petals at Target and Kohl's.
What country do you live in?

I ask because in the UK we have a department store called Marks and Spencer and you can get fitted for a bra there and they advise on what bras are best for you. You can grab a few styles you like beforehand and bring them in with you, to let them know what you're after. Then they discuss with you which ones are best for your certain cup size / type and they even go and get a few they think would be best. Then they bring them back and you try them on and see which work best.

Do you have anything like that? Any stores that do fittings? They're normally really helpful and the fact that you can try on the bras beforehand and they advise you on which are best is a lifesaver.
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I buy all of my bras from Lane Bryant/Cacique. I fin that they give me the best support and coverage that I need, even if they are a bit pricey (but they often have sales).

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Looking for new products and methods to try!

Do padded bras not give you the level of coverage you like?
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